Which multi cell AA light would you get?

There have been some requests forwarded to FastTech on the SD-10. I’m hoping they list it soon. Looks like you’ve found the best prices so far. Others list for $59

My Paypal finger is itching to get this one, now need to stay calm and wait for reviews to appear :D!

T6 is the flux bin. The tint bin is not listed. If I had to hazard a guess, I would bet my red money it is cool white.

Yeah, thanks for clarifying that, thats what I came up with as well when googled T6 tint :D!

I bought the PA40 then I thought I’d take a step up and buy the disappointing EA4, then another step up to the XinTD. As it turns out I had the best first. For me the PA40 is the best by a mile.


It has the perfect ergonomics for a flashlight I think, I’m suprised there is so few like it.

Just under 500 lumens but bright enough for the wow factor and more than bright enough for actual use in a 100 meter plus radius.

If i could only keep one of all the lights I own (about 20) and all the lights I have previously owned (about 100) it would be my PA40W.

Id love to find a PA40 (or PA40W) with a OP reflector and put a XM-L2 3C LED in it, that would be the best light ever. :love:

I thought I was going to hate the multi-AA format but a light running on only 3*AA eliminates a few from the list (have to have 4 cells to get the best output without sagging). I decided to not go with the EA4 since it has the switch issues and the lowest it goes is 60 lumens. It's a love it or hate it light.

I purchased a SWM D40A and it's just amazing in all aspects. I can't fathom anyone having difficulty with the UI on it. The EA4, yes, since it is just a single button with a bunch of combos but the D40a couldn't be any easier unless it was a single mode light with a single switch. It has two buttons: one for power and another for modes. Press the power button and it turns on. press it again and it turns off. Want to change modes? press the mode button. Not exactly rocket science and nothing to remember except that holding down the power button for 1 second when off turns the light on in moonlight mode. LOL.

I just got my SWM D40A from Fasttech today. For $54, it is hard to argue with the price. I only had maybe 3 minutes to play with the light, but I am impressed. It has a nice beam, the buttons are easy to feel without looking. It seems well made. It is in dire need of some Nyogel, but that will happen tonight.

I think I made the right call getting the D40A.

The Sunwayman D40A NW from Illumination Supply was priced very well this weekend and too hard to resist. I love how quickly IS ships.

Link please?


You only want one? Contact Fasttech and ask about bulk pricing for one unit.

If you're in the United States and want one much faster, you can get one for nearly the same price plus a little more for shipping and have it in your hands by Wednesday or Thursday. www.illuminationsupply.com Use the "laborday" coupon code.

Yeah I would jump on that Illumination Supply sale. $59 for the light from an American seller shipped first class USPS from California is an absolute steal. That is well worth the extra $5.

I live in Alaska, everything takes forever to ship here…… You would think we were 2500 miles away from the rest of you folk…

Literal conversation I had with someone on the phone.

Me, ” you can ship to Alaska correct?”
Them, “Yes, but it will be more exspencive due to shipping.”
Me “OK, go ahead and send it.”
Them. “You do understand it will be more in shipping? Correct.”
Me, “Yes, please send it.”
Them, “Ok, how would you like to pay for that?”
Me, “Credit card. Here is the information ….”
Them, ” Sir that card is is an Americian bank, and I think this may be a fraud issue, I am getting my supervisor.”
Me, “Ok, what country is Alaska part of?” “Last time I checked we were the 49th state to join the union in 1959 if I remember my history correctly.”
Them, “Please hold.”
Holding for 3 minutes……….
Them different voice, “Sir, are you still there?”
Me, “Yes, still waiting for someone to look up to see that Alaska is still part of the united states of America. Anyone have any luck on that?”
Them, “We understand your fustration and appreciate your waiting for us to see if we ship to Alaska, along with the security of your Credit Card to avoid CC fraud. We also need to verify that Alaska is part of the United States of America.”
Me, “ok how long might this take?”
Them, ” we are still working on this.”
Me, “Do you have access to this thing called the internet?”

Then they hung up on me.

So waiting for shipping is ok, we rarely get things next day let alone second day. I always ask can you flat rate ship it, It will get here in the same time and cost everyone less.

That was rude!

by them.


I used to work in the shipping dept. of a mailorder-catalog retailer (that also has a bunch of B&M stores).

I had to explain multiple times to Customer Service, that when shipping boxes to Alaska (and especially Hawaii), they did not need customs forms like we needed for England/Germany etc; as they are not foreign countries…
“Of course Hawaii needs Customs Forms; it’s an island so it’s not part of the United States”.
Sigh :frowning:

They would also argue with me why we couldn’t use UPS-Ground to ship to Hawaii, because “their air service is more expensive”. I would always answer, “because you cannot drive a tractor-trailer across the Pacific Ocean” and after a short pause… “oh yeah”.

Similar problem with Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, as they’re not one of the 50-states (or should I say 48?); “they need customs forms”.
On occasion I would repeat the mantra: “Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are part of the United States” out loud in the hope it would eventually stick. But it never did quite sink in about Alaska/Hawaii as I didn’t bother to repeat the same quote about them, assuming everyone would know since they’re “states”… that makes them part of the U.S.

OK, rant over (sorry guys) :slight_smile:

Maybe you should order from Canada. It’s closer :slight_smile:

Try living in New Mexico.

I googled a bit about it and found this:

Also, our own jmpaul320 has done great review on his SD10:

After my experience with Super Storm Sandy, I made sure to purchase 4 of the SD10.
To me the SD10 is a real emergency illumination instrument.
Cosmetic appearance, thousands of lumens and miles of reach is all child play in a real SHTF situation.

It looks like this thread from the very beginning was intended like a trap!

I now have EA8W on the slow boat :D!

It will be interesting to compare D40A NW and EA8W 8) !