Which should be my next?

I was able to sell a few lights recently and this now this allows me to hope I can have another light purchase in the near future –1 or 2 light if I am lucky and my gf doesn’t kill me. She is about to….

I want to have a powerhouse with a decent throw : 14 ,000 minimum to 30,0000 maximum. Sustainability would be nice too and I m not a big fan of huge sizes/weights. Love ramping UI, love throw

A vote : which one should I get :

Astrolux MF01s? No sustainability , size ok for a 4 battery light
Emisar d18, like the 3 battery design , easier to hold and good quality but heats up crazy, no sustainability, not good for long usage,
Acebeam x45? ( 18,000 lumens- I like the shape, goood sustainability, wish was a bit smaller)
Or Haikelight mt09r? (25,000 lumens) ironically this was my first light, I sold it but now kinda regret it, it was a monster , thinking maybe buy again? After all Only 10 cm longer than x45 and a bit heavier

I am at a loss - what is your vote?

My current "powerhouse with decent throw" is the X45 XHP70.2 HD, mod boosted to 25,000 lumens and 775 meters throw.

I usually don't reply to "recommend me a light" topics, because of the ultra wide disparity of personal brand preference and the ultra wide disparity in individual budget requirements.

First, I look at configuration that I want, such as fuel supply, head diameter, beam profile; then I select the convergence point of the quality reputation of the manufacturer versus what I can and want to spend.

When the configuration that I want converges with both the cost and the anticipated quality level, the sear becomes disengaged! :)

How did you boost the x45? And if I may ask how much the boost cost you? Was it done by skylumen?