Which single 18650 Convoy host to get?

I already have 5x different S2+ lights and would like something that is a similar size that can take the existing 16mm MCPCB and 17mm drivers that I already have laying around. I’ll be doing either a CSLNM1 or SFT40 with smooth reflector for a mini “thrower”.

The wife also said I’m not allowed to buy any more lights this year, but a host doesn’t technically produce any light…So a host would be ideal rather than a complete light. And I have so many spare parts it would be a shame not to use them.

I’m thinking either S2, S3, S4, or S6.

Well, if you want a mini thrower, you'll probably want a deep reflector.

I don't know which of the S-series has a deep reflector other than the S2.

Try a *C8* or M1 if you want an 18650 light. Both are great lights. The C8 is a bit larger than the M1. If you want a small thrower the M1 is it. About the same size as the S2+ but with a larger head & deep reflector.

EDIT TO ADD… You will have to check & see if the 16mm MCPCB and 17mm drivers are a fit.
I can’t remember for sure off hand

Of the S series the S6 has the deepest reflector. It would be very interesting to put a CSLNM1 into one and see what throw numbers you could get. I'm curious how much farther it would throw than an S2+ with the same emitter.

Mind you, the S6 is standard equipped with an orange peel reflector.
IDK if the S6 is also sold as a host and/or with a smooth reflector.

I didn't know that. Maybe there is no smooth reflector for the S6, otherwise I suspect I'd find someone out there who's already stuck an osram in one.

I’ve built several S6 with dedomed XP-G2 — made great little throwers for their time —- I use to get smooth reflectors from Fastech

If I remember correctly, there was a thread about a CSLNM1 in a S6

Yeh, dedomed G2s are pretty good. Dunno if anyone still has/sells white/black flats, but those are an option for a small-reflector.

S2, S5, S6 and S8 use the same reflector.

>S2, S5, S6 and S8 use the same reflector. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32823612116.html

I was going by the information in the guide I referenced above. Maybe the early ones had a deeper reflector and then they were changed to the shallower ones so Convoy could standardize on a single needed part?

M1, M2, and C8 all use 20mm mcpcb.

The smooth s2/s6 reflector has a 5mm hole. The only gasket available is for 3535 led.

I also vote for S6 with a smooth reflector. One of my first and still favorite builds is this with a warm xp-l hi. I purchased from Mtn Electronics.

M1 - it’s an awesome host

I’ll second (or third, wherever we are) the M1.

The form factor to potential performance works nicely. If you want a color other than black you can always bake it before you build it…

Azirine, chech out the fifth image.


I’d recommend the Convoy M1 personally.

Are you confusing s2 with s2+?

SMO reflector for S6 at Simon in Aliexpress store https://is.gd/zRyPyD

SMOKEU if you ever find an S4 host please let me know since it’s still on my wanted list (Want to buy a Convoy S4 - US only!!)!