Which spacer & driver for Triple BLF A6 Manker?

Hi guys, I am trying to figure which parts to order to make a BLF A6 Manker into a triple. Should I order the S2 spacer or S2+ spacer from RMM? Also, with the stock driver work fine for a triple XPL-HI? Thanks guys.

I don’t have any experience with the A6 host but I’ve got Convoy S2+ triples using this driver with no problems.

I will try and see later if I have a board and optic around. If I remember from back when...spacer is not needed but not 100% sure. The driver will indeed work with a triple.

Not that I would want to stop you. But I don’t see the point in getting this torch only to change the driver and the LED. They are 98% what makes it what it is.

I would be VERY interested in acquiring one (or several) BLF A6 with triple Nichia 219BT-V1, (5000K and 90CRI minimum). With a short tube for 18350 it would be the perfect EDC.


It’s a bundle: two hosts for $16.79

I have had the same thought so many times over… :weary:

The only clear answer I’ve ever gotten is that the person wants the BLF name on the host, even though they’re not keeping the guts. To me, the guts of the light are what make it a BLF light. And there are plenty of “stock” lights someone could mod heavily if they wanted. Why take a “special” light out of circulation for that? These are all short run lights! :open_mouth:

If I ever do a custom light GB (not that I’m even considering doing one), I’m gonna ask that everything be potted and heavily glued in place, so no changes can be made to the light!

Trust me, I understand what you guys are saying…which is why I bought several. The main reason why I am considering making just one into a triple is for the driver (which is what I believe really makes this light special).

I haven’t received any of them yet, but I’m quite sure that I’m going to fall in love with the UI.

BLF is all about modding, customizing etc.

It’s the spirit of BLF!

That’s the way I see it too. I have to admit, I also modded my BLF X6SE lights. I just didn’t think the driver was powerful enough (replaced with LD1 drivers).

I bought 2, 1 specifically for modding into a triple. I’m keeping the rather fantastic driver though. :slight_smile:

I’m also real interested in which specific parts are needed.

but, but — why not buy a host? for about $8 apiece for two, why tear apart a working light when you can get the parts — close to the same driver, now that there’s attention to that, ToyKeeper posted within the last few days about building almost all triples nowadays. Somewhere in here


Just curious about the plan if you feel like going into it.

I don’t know where to find drivers that have a similar UI. Besides it’s more expensive to buy a host and driver. I would imagine a similar driver would be ~ $15 + shipping. Add $8 for a host and it’s pretty much at the same price without the XP-L emiter, copper MCPCB, AR lens, pocket clip, etc (which I could use in other builds).

I very much appreciate the hard work that went into the light, but IMO just because it says BLF SE on it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be modded. Changing it into a triple doesn’t make it any less special; it will still have the same driver.

A XP-L on a DTP MCPCB is hardly what makes it unique…to me it’s about the driver and the other unique touches like the redesign necessary to accommodate the pocket clip. I think much of the effort went into these details.

Right here at BLF. Wight and Toykeeper’s names are the ones I see associated with the driver and the UI, much discussed.

But yeah, if you want it + right now+, you have to buy the flashlight.

I’m going to watch and wait myself, I expect several likely people will have something like this driver and UI being built for sale fairly soon.

If you want an a6 host and a Fet+1 driver, buying the SE light is indeed the cheapest route (unless you can build and flash the driver yourself)

David, you can count me out of your groupbuys :stuck_out_tongue:

so, did anyone find out what spacer would be suitable for making the BLF A6 into a triple?

With all the discussions that go on preceding a GB it should be clear by now that only a portion of members will be happy with even a custom BLF host, emitter, driver, so it stands to reason that some of the others would be willing and able to tweak it some more. Some of us just enjoy tweaking. That’s an “a” not an “r”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. The S2+ spacer from RMM fits fine…just wish it was a little bit more tight. But it works well enough.

I was thinking about purchasing what I thought was the same driver/UI combo from Mountain:


Is this not the same driver at the Manker A6 BLF-SE?

It probably is on a slightly different board with possibly different FET but I believe the firmware is the same. Triple optics are shorter than single emitter reflectors so a spacer of some kind is needed. The A6 has an exposed pill which threads between the head and battery tube rather than an internal one the threads inside the head which makes a new pill a more complex item. Someone will do it of course but a spacer is much simpler.