Which version of the SK68 clone should I get?

I’m new to this and I see Cree XPG, XML Q5 T6
It’s getting a bit much and I wish there were a site where it would break it all down for me.

I’m looking to pick up a few of these lights to gift for Xmas and would like to get the best bang for the buck on these.

I did see one of them with 9W CREE XML T6 and it did look much brigther than the rest. Is that the best one for these? I also noticed slightly different sizes on these lights. anywhere from 92mm to 115mm in length.

thanks for any suggestions.

The XML T6 from Aliexpress looked great… cant find the link atm.

I kind of doubt any ordered from overseas would make it to the US (if that is where you are), before xmas.

Unless you order from Amazon and pay a premium for shipping.

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There are articles on the Flashlight wiki that covers the different LEDs (Cree XR-E, XP-E, etc.) and bins (Q5, T6, etc.) in detail.

I got my SK-68 clones from Ebay. They all have the older XR-E emitter and single mode.

I am new to this as well. If by best you mean brightest, then yes, among the ones you listed the XML T6 has the potential to be the brigthest. There are other factors that influence the brightness. For example, the current that the led is being driven at. I found this particular page on flashlightwiki Brightness Bins - Flashlight Wiki to be very useful.

I have no idea which clones will have the best quality.

The question with the SK68 lottery, like any other visit to a gambling establishment
is not “what should I get?”
but rather
“what did I get?”

So, what did you get?

I got these

so far so good. I don’t know too much about the lights. I also thought that they’d be a little bit brighter as I am probably not good at judging light output but they definitely get the job done.

I got one of these


looks like a cheaper version here


Was told these are sub-par, as in a dime a dozen and just the big brother of the Sipik SK68 (the bic lighters of Cree flashlights)...and that going Convoy is the next best thing but not focusable...next purchase will be



But was also told if I run "wide open" all the time the 2800mA might be too hot...and was recommended to go for the 2100mA as it wouldn't heat up as much


Oh wait...you want the SK68..not the sk98

Heck...go to amazon...I was ordered a 1/2 dozen of these (they make great gifts/stocking stuffers)


or these


or these


or here

or here

or look for Ultrafire Cree Q5

They are all pretty much clones of clones of clones

The flashlight from aliexpress looks interesting, is it really XM-L T6 with AA batteries ? if so, I wonder how long AAs will last in this !!

is it the same size of the SK68, 93mm x 25mm x 20mm ??

Out of all the SK68 clones and the original Sipiks i have and tested,
the 3-mode original Sipik SK68 with the XR-E (Q5) in Neutral white i like the best. (the red one on the far left)

If it’s a true XML, the size of the pill won’t let it go very long without quickly overheating, unless it’s massively underdriven

Not available to test anyway...