Which work light would you get?




The least expensive.
The Warsun looks good.
When I was working, I lost a few lights here and there.
Some customers called me, others had a nice present.
It’s not the same to lose 30 bucks than 90. Just saying.


That’s the way I would go too, the cheapest. I have also lost a few here and there or they get damaged from unintentional abuse.
I look for a light that has usb charging so that I can charge the light if need be right there at work in the truck.
I’m currently using a Sofirn SC31, got it on sale with battery, so I wont be upset to bad if its lost.
I guess the choice would depend on the job though.

I’d rather have a light that I can swap the battery easily for extended use so there is only a minute of downtime vs hours for charging.

It won’t get lost or damaged as it will just be for personal use.

The warsun is my top choice due to the pocket/backpack clip (this will have a dual use with the red light for when I ride my scooter at night)

The Lumintop seems to be the least favorable due to no pocket clip, and the ridiculous price. Also I don’t think it has a magnet or colored COB mode.

I already have a pt40 (bleh) Braun cob, and have a fenix wt16r on the way.

Might pay to find out more about the UI in that Warsun. It looks like it might have strobe in the mix and I would go crazy if I had to cycle through all the modes plus strobe on a work light (well, it annoys me on any light but it would be infinitely worse on a work light.)

edit- the Nextool also adds a “high decibel siren” with the SOS mode- that could be awful.