Which xpl has a nicer tint after dedoming?

Planning to buy my xpl on intl-outdoor, which do you think will have a nicer tint after dedoming? v5 1a, v6 2c or v6 3c?
Or can you suggest another xpl tint from other store that will have a nicer tint after dedoming?

2A is my favorite. 1A also looks good. I haven’t tried any others.

IMO, 1A or 3C (3C if you like it to be really warm). The 2Cs always look very greenish to me. 2A is OK, but 2C is pretty ugly.

Thanks for your suggestions. But where can i get 2A?


I just finished a triple build with the V6 3C’s. Dedomed they are a nice warm tint. One of the better tints I’ve experienced so far (I like warm tints, done a variety of XP-G2 and XM-L2’s).

No experience with XP-L’s before this build.

Yes, 3C usually turns out pretty nice. The XM-L2 4C and XP-G2 5A2 also turns out nice (my first experiences in dedoming such warm emitters was by accident!)

3C is perfect for me.

I wonder how 3D turns out.

3D turns out slightly warmer than a V5-2A dedome, i’ve done both and really like the 2A.

I have dedomed a XP-L V6 1A & V6 3A both from LEDDNA, both are MUCH nicer than the few dedomed XM-L2’s i have seen.

So far of those two i liked the 3A dedomed the best, a nice warm tint that i feel looks better outside than inside, inside i like a whiter tint in a flashlight like 3D.

I just got some 2A’s i look forward to dedome :slight_smile: i hope for a nice even 3D like neutral white.

Though It’s an old thread, but I just wonder if anyone has anything new to input :slight_smile: