Who do you like for Super Bowl LIII?

The Super Bowl will be played on February 3, 2019.

It'll be the New England Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Rams.

Let's forget for the moment that it can be argued that neither team should be at the Super Bowl.

(Both teams benefited from terrible calls in the AFC and NFC championship games.)


The Rams have a better record, but the Patriots have more experience in the Super Bowl.

I'll be rooting for the Patriots.

Which team are you rooting for?

I’m from Baton Rouge by way of Metairie,La ——- Who do you think I want to win—The NFL is a JOKE

No love for the zebras from Louisiana!

I would prefer if they played the game on the 29th.

Can’t get away from it here—-All over TV—Internet and now the Forum — When you have millions saying the same thing—It SUCKS

Yeah FEB —-LOL

depends on who the refs are

Patriots and under.

Just give THE GREAT ARON DONALD his ring already —- Let the ref (former Rams player 1981) present it to him

Couldn’t care less about who’s playing… this is what I’d be interested in. :smiling_imp:



American Foot?. S’Cuse me.

We have Melbourne Tennis finals at present.
The Adelaide “Down Under” Cycling championships has just finished AND,.

The DAKAR Race also just recently fini. With AUSTRALIAN Bike rider. AGAIN… the winner in his class.

AND…. AND…….

The RUGBY……. Season is about to start.
Who could ask for more hey.

Who want’s American f?. It’s a little like saying
We follow “Ping Pong”…. (Aussie rools so called football.)
The Poofters game.

Seriously. Follow AND enjoy. Whatever sport you enjoy.
Just don’t get into the “Aggressive” fo(o)llowers syndrome
like European Soccer. THEY are idiots.

Have a gud won hey.

I didn't get that joke until it was explained by chops728.

Which is kinda sad, because I make that kind of joke several times a year.

I can’t believe Dee Ford lined up off sides, when Gronk tipped Brady’s pass and was intercepted. Game over… wait a second, what?

The Saints got robbed, but I don’t think the officiating in the Chiefs/Patriots game unfairly favored NE, it was just bad all around. NE got the phantom roughing call, butt KC got away with non-calls on defensive holding and PI all game. Pretty embarrassing for the “integrity of the game” when the guys in the booth are calling it out live during the broadcast.

I’m about done with the NFL. I know the refs have a tough job, but the quality of officiating slipped notably this year and there’s no excuse for it imo.

Never been a fan of the “let them play” arguments either. How about just enforce the actual rules of the game in a consistent manner and do what it takes to get the calls right? Yeah, I don’t want to see a flag on every play either, but if it actually happened teams and players would adjust.

Patriots. . . the patriots will have home field advantage even though they are in Atlanta. I don’t think LA fans will travel for the Rams.

Anybody but NE…can’t stand leaders that make a cell phone disappear.

Haha, I wouldn’t have given them my phone either, especially when they were fishing for a nothing burger. Besides, they could have just looked on the equipment employee’s phone and seen all the conversations if there were any. Anything else was none of their business.

Wait… what? What’s this about a cellphone?

You don’t remember DeflateGate from a few years ago?

I grew up in Los Angeles from the mid-60s, so I ‘was’ a RAMS’ fan until they moved to St. Louis. I don’t care for N.E., so I’m hoping for a RAMS’ victory.

27-24 RAMS.