who is buying me a XP-E2 Torch led? Update: DBCstm did, test is in post#81

No, I'm sorry, but the 491 lumen was the bare led (dedomed). I did not mention the lumen output of the zoomie.... but I just did that for you : zoomed out: 290 lumen, zoomed in 95 lumen (long focal length lenses like in this zoomie give narrow hotspots and big differences between zoomed in and zoomed out)

Aha! yes now that i read your text again, i see that i had drawn the wrong conclusion :wink: :smiley: thanks

Ok, so the Supfire F3 with the XP-G2 Torch in it gives 104 klux@1meter & 290 lumens zoomed out, right?

Interesting that means it is 39% loss from the bare led measurement.

What is klux? is this the same as the often reported kcd? :~

Thanks again. I have a few also from the guilty person mentioned. It will be interesting what tint they are. I’ve pm’d you my address so you know where to send your small sphere now that it is gathering dust and taking up precious room. :smiley:

Mine doesn't look like it is 10,000K, more like 7,500K or so. It looks slightly cooler than most of the 1As.

I also tried pushing one past 3A and the results were underwhelming. I don't think that this LED deserved a new name, as it pretty much performs like a slightly higher binned XP-E2 and can't really handle more current.

I made a topic of the light loss in this zoomie: http://www.budgetlightforum.com/node/38424

Yes, I personally have never dug into 'kcd' but it is the same number so I never bothered . I always use klux@1meter because that is how I measure it: I measure the klux@5meter and calculate back what it is at 1meter (times 25). klux@1meter is a sort of standard way to represent throw.

Please use kcd. See https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/3879

Thanks! :)

Thanks for the link, I read it with interest. :-)

I will be good, and use kcd from now on. But I still think that using klux@1m, although not the proper unit, is more clear for the reader because it gives a direct clou of how it is measured.

Thanks. I'm sometimes using "xxx klux@10m = yyy kcd" for clarity.

I guess that would make you a member of the Klux Klan? J)

I’m on a mission, just built my 7th Eagle Eye X6 light, another Quad. The “weakest” in my line-up, this one has 4 of these XP-E2 Torch emitters under a Khatod optic that claims 10º. With a 17DD Hybrid S driver and TK’s A6 firmware it’s pulling 8.24A from a Samsung 26F for 1749.15 Lumens.

It’s got a pretty nice hot spot for a quad, but it doesn’t look like what you’d expect from 20º (I think the 10º figure is a half-angle, always deceptive that)

About to try a hotter cell and see what’s shaking with these tiny emitters. I’m assuming they can handle it….

Edit: Oops! Make this my 8th, forgot about building the single XM-L2 U3 1A that does 1811 lumens. :slight_smile: Planning 10 X6 lights that are all different. I have 3 Quads, but each is a different set-up with much different results.

Edit II: OOOPS! Seems like the little XP-E2 Torch and myself are not made for each other. North of 12A one died. A second was injured and limping (dome separation).
So I did what I had to do, I put 4 XP-L V5 1A de-domed under the neat looking Khatod optics. :slight_smile:

Damn, that kills my plan Dale. I wanted to do a triple E2 torch with a 17DD. Oh well. Parts are already ordered so will just have to see.

Keep that bit of resistance and you should be fine, or just don’t use the top cells.

I’m disappointed that you were disappointed with it. I had a glimmer of hope it might make a decent light

All in all I think they’re ok but can’t take high current. And well, I uh, kinda, uh, maybe run em a little too hard? :bigsmile:

Haha, I don’t doubt it Dale

Stick 6A-8A worth of 7135s in there and call it a day! I know that the little XP-E2 torches can handle 3A, but after 2A or so you're not gaining very much.

I just built a light using this led running at 800 mAh flat knacker without it raising a sweat. Thanks Dale.

These would be ideal with a driver like the PZL, use the 7135 chips and control output values within that 2.5A-3A range per emitter.

The Quad was working nicely at 8A, the Samsung Lavender 26F that I recently got 8 of (protected, too long, stripped the protection and now they’re useful cells) ran it just fine. But I just HAD to stick the HE-2 in there…

And, drum roll?

Fried them DD. (see above post).