Who is Sami?

I’m Sami. Great, finally found a great LED Torch forum here.
Hope to know all you geeks, lol

Are you here as yourself or on behalf of your company?
Because I assume you are the same sami as the one from eachbuyer.

Nevertheless, WELCOME! :slight_smile:

Welcome eachbuyer!

Welcome to BLF, Sami! :party:

welcome lightmalls!

You have come to the right place, samiluo!

Hi Sami, welcome.

It seems that the question is still:
Who is Sami?

Welcome to BLF!

haha, I don’t know whether I come here for my company or myself or not, but with the high pressure from the boss, I think I come here to ask admin for advertisement, lol. But before permisson, I won’t post anything about my company, becoz I’m afraid of being banned, haha. And I’m so sorry about this late reply as I didn’t receive any message in my email!

haha, I didn’t even refer any word of eachbuyer, how you guys know this? I know I’m active on some Netherlands forums…haha

haha, thank you for the warm welcome

welcome sami ,weclome TO blf .lol

Thank you!