Who likes their FW3A? me!

Just got mine, 9 days from order from Neal to Oz, can’t complain. Love the Anduril.

I was in the GB but I ordered it a bit later, mid June. Got 3D tint, put a 30Q in. Not the brightest of my bunch but 1st Anduril so love playing with it. Needs a diffuser for candle and lightning.

The lockout is very well thought out. A bit confused about the optics and which version I received. Lens on top of the optics which look a bit cloudy…. Was there something about the color of clip denoting versions or did I dream it?

If there is a glass lens, there is a carclo optic under that (10511).
Lumintop has not manufactured the carclo clone yet.

The clip is probably going to become silver from black-ish but hasn’t happened yet. (only photo)

I’ve had my Nichea version for a couple weeks. I really do love it. The tint, the beam pattern, the quick access to ML, the size and yes - even the tail switch and clip. Only complaint is it gets way too hot way to quick, but turbo would be a very rare thing for me to use.

Love the light and can’t wait to get the SST20. Then maybe a purple or blue version in Xpl-hi.

I think this is a very futuristic light.

I really like my FW3A. :heart_eyes:

I’m even getting used to the cigar grip. I can see why no knurling was added on the body tube. When I fish the light out of my pocket with index and middle fingers, not having knurling means my fingers slide up the body tube to the correct position for operation right below where the tail widens out.

I also just received a Nitecore P18 and it feels like a dinosaur compared to the FW3A. The P18 is twice the weight and much less bright.

You can get the Skylumen version with the White Flat. Throw goes from 16kcd with the XP-L HI to 45kcd with the White Flat

:open_mouth: … Wonders never cease!! :beer: . :+1:

You mean your not using the ’180 flip’ to activate anymore? :wink:

That is correct. No more 180 flip with the FW3A. At least for short-duration operation (which is mostly how I use my lights). :sunglasses: :smiley:

/\…… :beer: … Congrats!! :sunglasses:

The stock version doesn’t get 16 kcd though. It’s more like 12 kcd. Scaling by the same amount, that suggests the White Flat version probably gets about 34 kcd. Still, not bad at all for such a small light.

It could just be a difference in measuring equipment or maybe a difference in batteries. Not sure. The photo gives a better idea what to expect than the numbers. It goes from floody to throwy.

I tried EDC’ing my D4S after having carried my FW3A for a week. FW3A wins hands down. I’ve been carrying it now for a few weeks, it seems to get better with time. I’m not sure it can be topped when it comes to my preferred options.

Originally I was going to get either a D4 or D4S… but waited on the FW3A. I’m very glad I did. While the D4v2 looks very interesting, I don’t feel like it’s compelling enough to unseat the FW3A. Yeah, the aux LEDs are cool, but… interest in a feature like that doesn’t sustain.

apples to watermelon

This is one of the most capable lights in the market.