Who Makes Eastward Flashlights

Trying to find the manufacture of Eastward flashlights. No luck locating them via Google. Just got a Eastward YJ J06 and the reflector is fogged. Looks like it was in a smokey bar for six months. Tried the recommend cleaning procedures without any improvement. I don't want to ship the light back to DX if I can contact the manufacture and try to get them to send me a replacement reflector.

Wow, that's a bummer. I have one that I ordered a long time ago and it's one of my favorite lights. I LOVE the amount of flood it gives off. I'd really like to find a pressure switch for it to mount on a rifle but I can't get their "contact us" link to work. It just goes back to FAQ. I just ordered 2 of them from the USA warehouse for my next door neighbor and they seemed fine. I'd try to contact DX and see what they say.

I contacted them and they just said I could return it or accept a $4 credit

The manufacturer is http://www.eastwardyj.hk/

Unless it's yet another DX fake.

I don't see that model listed on their web site.....hmmmm. I emailed them anyway


I don't see the infamous Eastward YJ J06 model listed on their web site.....hmmmm. I emailed them anyway

email: bingwu_eastward@yahoo.com.cn

Looking at their site further and found this "...more than fifty kinds of LED products." so apparently they don't list all of their products. All 15 lights they show on their web site only have Q5 LED's.