who makes this

any one know of this brand


says USA on it but i presume it is the usual lies

The "Super Bright" brand seems to appear on lots of Chinese made generic lights.....


small sun zy c-55 that's off the top of my head it's cheap on focal I gought a feew a while ago .. takes a AA and a cr123 ..q3 i think 1 mode .. i liked it .. i like side clickies .. it is what it is it's cheap light .. there is also the sipik version of it a lil better made 3 modes , the brynte ?? version from dx , tank 120??etc ..


a bit pricey for a cheapo light if you ask me.

I got one of these via HK post today. Not a bad little light for $12, it's an XR-E with a SMO reflector so it is quite a thrower.

The side-clicky is actually the middle part of a 3-piece body in this light. With a rear clicky the light could be tiny as the center section is about 3/4" long. Good glove box light or office desk-drawer light. I like it.