Who named Fasttech

Who named Fasttech? Whoever named Fasttech got it wrong. Slowtech is more appropriate. On April the 26th, I ordered a Tank007 uv light. I wanted to see how long the shipping would take. Five minutes after I placed the order with Fasttech I ordered 2 lights from Simon at the Convoy store on Aliexpress. I ordered a Orange C8 and a purple S2,both lights have exceeded my expectations and both lights are fantastic. Fasttech contacted me and tells me that my order has been sent to another hub because of a shipping issue. My order from the Convoy store had the same issue and was sent back to the Convoy store. It was then re-shipped. Well, my order
from the Convoy store arrived 10 days ago after having to be sent again. So, I will not be ordering from Fasttech for along time.

Did you pay for express shipping to expect it quickly? You do know right that a company has zero control over a shipping company’s delivery of the goods?

If Fasttech has marked your order as shipped, then quit whining as it has nothing to do with Fasttech, unless you paid for VIP shipping and one of their staff is hand delivering it to your door.

First of all I wasn’t whinging about anything. Secondly I have read many members who have had similar experiences with Fasttech. If Fasttech keeps having the same issue over and over it is definitely their problem. Obviously the method of shipping is a issue.

Fasttech are a good company, when I ordered from them it usually took 2 weeks.

Not to sure how long it takes now, ordered 10 knives from them but shipping is hard due to security reasons. I cancelled 4 knives and got a refund immediately.

I can echo Jimo’s experience with “SlowTech” except several times worse.

I’ll be making a post soon about my FastTech nightmares as further warning to people looking to order from them.


I always order in large bulk and everything gets shipped via Registered China Post. I usually have to wait 4-6 weeks which I consider reasonable when I’m getting cheap shipping

All I’m getting at is if you didn’t pay for express, then we can’t really complain. China Post is a mixed bag and I always have that in mind if I take the cheap route

If you don’t like waiting, then never buy from Neals Gadgets as that can be an absolute nightmare

These Chinese companys doing business online have choices when it comes to logistics. Sometimes efficiency, competence and customer convenience are not the main criteria for the management to choose a logistics system. Price and standing relationships play a big part. In Asia profit is king.

Pandemic restrictions disrupted everything and some companies are adapting better then others. At the beginning, (April 2020) I had 3 orders with Fasttech that took 5-6 months to reach me through convoluted ways. They’ve adapted since to this area anyway.

Where you live plays a big part in delivery speed as most often different logistics companies are used for different parts of the world.

When I order direct from China, it also usually takes 4-6 weeks because I only pay for the cheapest shipping.

I haven't ordered from Fasttech in quite a while though.

My last Fasttech order took two months.
I blame covid.

What i want to know is who named Banggood?

2 months isn’t too bad either for the prices we pay. If we need faster shipping there’s the express option or buy local if available

A Covid delay from Aliexpress caused a $1000 order to take 4 months and I was just thankful it arrived

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I almost never pay for faster shipping. I ordered free shipping from Simon at the Convoy store. My order from them was basically sent twice yet it arrived 10 days before the Fasttech order. I had seen all the post about how slow Fasttech is,thats why I ordered a 10 dollar light so I could find out for myself. I will give them the opportunity to prove themselves in a couple of months.

I just found out my orders from the Vapcell store (Aliexpress) placed 7 and 8 weeks ago have not shipped yet. I can’t find out what is happening as the employee I’m dealing with won’t answer my questions but keeps telling me to “be patient”. Something is really screwed up there.

How long has it been since it was resent?

Have you ordered anything else from SEA (without paying for premium shipping) in the last 18 months that was delivered any faster?

The shipping provider can’t change the fact that global shipping has been, and still is a complete mess. You either pay for an upgraded service that bypasses backups, etc. or roll the dice.

Covid induced shipping delay is hardly Fasttech’s fault so i don’t hold it against them at all.
If i order more lights i will assume this is the new normal until we get the virus under control.

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I don’t know if they were resent. The employee avoids my questions and says “I’m not the boss”. Apparently it’s the boss’s fault lol. I’ve opened disputes.

When I try to track them a Taobao page opens.

Nope first order from Fasttech. I have ordered several times from other Chinese companies. The longest I have waited with those companies was 20 day,all with free shipping. Two months wait is terrible. From other post and my own experience Fasttech is the worst. I will try Gearbest to see how they do.

I don't remember who else posted about it, but I've read some bad things about Vapcell on BLF lately.

I'm going to avoid them like the covid.

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