Who named Fasttech

Covid induced shipping delay is hardly Fasttech’s fault so i don’t hold it against them at all.
If i order more lights i will assume this is the new normal until we get the virus under control.

Won’t somebody think of the children!

I don’t know if they were resent. The employee avoids my questions and says “I’m not the boss”. Apparently it’s the boss’s fault lol. I’ve opened disputes.

When I try to track them a Taobao page opens.

Nope first order from Fasttech. I have ordered several times from other Chinese companies. The longest I have waited with those companies was 20 day,all with free shipping. Two months wait is terrible. From other post and my own experience Fasttech is the worst. I will try Gearbest to see how they do.

I don't remember who else posted about it, but I've read some bad things about Vapcell on BLF lately.

I'm going to avoid them like the covid.

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Ye don't understand!

I only read them for the articles!

...The articles, I tell ye!!"

I saw that as well but the cells i purchased a doing well.

I posted about Vapcell's K30 having high self discharge and made a video showing the voltages. Ended up getting Mooch involved and he also posted about it on his fb page.

Then there was the K64 that was pulled due to major issues as well.

At least 18650batterystore refunded me for the problematic cells


I remember that now.

I think some others have also said some things about Vapcell that weren't too flattering recently.

I ordered a few p60 pills and spare parts off Fasttech. Since they didn’t ship any of those items in a reasonable amount of time, I canceled the order and got my money back. that was almost a week into the order.

Wellp, FT doesn’t stock anything in The Fasttech Warehouse or anything, which is why you can get anything from lights to vapestoff to plant-seeds to coat-hangers from ’em. They get sent from wherever to some central location and then get boxed up to send to you.

I never had anything but straightforward dealings with them. Twice when I tried ordering some light and it didn’t ship for going on a week, I asked for and got refunded both times, no hassle. No “points”, no “wallet”, nothing like that, just a flat-out refund.

Never got a bait’n’switch, either. No such thing as ordering something on sale, having it “out of stock” at the sale price but plenty available at full price, none of the usual crap you see at BG, etc.

Never any fake tracking numbers, either. They snap pix and put them right on the order page that the package has shipped, and with the tracking number as listed.

Oh, ever get a DOA, you’re not just SOL. No retarded offers to make you go away, like a nice shiny nickel in your unusable “wallet” or anything. Just take and send a video showing the problem, you get a RMA and a US address (Florida, I think), where you ship the item and send a pic of your postage receipt, and you even get refundeded that postage! Try that with GB, BG, AX, any other seller.

So I put up with a week or three while parts are being “collected” from multiple sources and finally sent on the next barge. At least I know I’ll get them and with no game-playing.

Yeah, you’re right. My problem is the Philippines postal system and Banggood bypasses it and uses courier services so I get door to door delivery that takes 2 weeks instead of 3 months. Dealing with Banggood makes you appreciate how relativity simple and straight forward buying from Fasttech is.

Also, Fasttech’s selection of enthusiast type flashlights and related stuff seems like it’s shrinking and very often they don’t get the latest models. The new lights they’ve been getting lately seem to be mostly cheap unbranded flashlights.

I dislike BG’s smoke and mirrors and their seeming assumption that their customers are morons that can be manipulated by clever tricks and policies and I would prefer to order from Fasttech.

No,no,no!!!, I (and many others here I’m sure) don’t recommend trying GB.

BG is equally slow. If you want something quick, you are going to have to go to Best Buy.

We are very lucky China did not get upset enough to cut all shipments to the US after the Covid virus was named the China Virus,

Seriously, the farther the place you order from is, the longer it takes to get it. If China was any further, it would be considered a planet and not a country.

I think 4 weeks is reasonable.

We get lucky sometimes when something arrives in 2 weeks but that’s the exception.

This thing looks like a bit of fun lol


Check out the chinglish “warning”, Hilarious.

My first thought upon seeing this was pity for the poor dogs and cats whose owner gets one.

Four orders over the years and it’s always between 20-22 days, which is fine for free and to Miami.


don’t you guys know how marketing works? if they have to tell you they are fast, honest, ……blah blah, in reality it is absolutely different. when an advertisement promises you something, be sure you will not get it. same for names of business, when someone names their pizza place the best pizza in town, you can be sure it is garbage, or they are the only pizza place in town

I had an order through aliexpress once that had not arrived in 2 months, so I filed a dispute. Then I recieved an item with the tracking number but it was not what I ordered at all….piece of junk. I amended the dispute. A month later Aliexpress claimed to have issued a refund, but it never showed on my card. I finally just gave up, even though it was about a 150 dollar pocket knife. Then about 14 months later, I was showing a package arriving using USPS informed delivery even though I could not think of anything I had ordered. Well it was that knife….where it hid for 16 months is still a mystery. That is the record for my slowest shipment ever that actually did finally arrive. Fastech, Gearbest, Aliexpress, Banggood, and Neals Gadgets are all very slow. Another mystery is with O-light shipping from China with tracking having taken 3 days…really? It came all the way from China in 3 days…what is O-light’s secret? When they first started shipping from China, they were a bit slow, but not the last few times. Other than them, if it comes from China, I expect slow. I think some of them use only walking, swimming, row boats and bicycles for deliveries.

I have placed many orders with FastTech but none in the past four years, that is until about 7 weeks ago. In the distant past FastTech used to deliver in under 4 weeks but not anymore.
So over the past 7 weeks beginning April 11th, I’ve placed 6 FastTech orders. As of this writing only one order has been received. And the order placed April 11th is still in-transit.

Let’s not be so quick to give a pass to FastTech for taking two months to deliver the goods.
Compared with other China vendors, which is what really matters to me, is how the competition is doing over this exact same time frame…… If they were all taking two months to deliver that would be one thing, but it’s not.

So, also over the past 7 weeks there have been 4 orders with Banggood, all have arrived, and all took less than 4 weeks.
Likewise over the past 7 weeks there have been 6 orders with AliExpress and none have taken over 4 weeks to deliver.

The takeaway here is that FastTech takes anywhere from 7 to 10 days to simply get the shipment out - whereas the competition ships within 2 or 3 days.
Plus, half of the FastTech orders were “Rejected/Returned” while in-transit by the Chinese shipping system. Only one of the other vendors’ shipments was Rejected/Returned, so Simon’s store intervened and it was quickly moving again after only a 3 day delay. Interestingly, two of the six FastTech shipments have seen multiple Rejections/Returns.

If this was just one or two orders, no matter the vendor, I would simply take it with a grain of salt, call it an aberration and move on. But it’s not. With FastTech there is enough data to form a trend and it’s not a good trend. And FastTech support has been of zero help. At this time I will not be ordering anything from them again…… FastTech is on the Black List.