Who needs HD2010 reflectors?

Wow, that’s a lot of scratched reflectors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will wait a day or two for Easylightbuy.com to reply to my email…

Well I am a HD2010 fan as well. I have a few as well as others I build them for. Prob my fav light to use day to day around the house, walking dog etc.

Just curious, is the HD2010 relatively fragile compared to other ones?

Interestingly enough, this is the only reflector that I have damaged while cleaning.

What are the dimensions on the HD2010 reflector?

And yes, just about all reflectors are that easy to scratch. Grease from your fingers or any kind of wax will turn them that weird gold-bronze color. When I have to clean one, rubbing alcohol on a CLEAN cotton ball, then dry with more cotton balls, tends to do the least damage.

The flat area is what makes a reflector throw. Or, wider at the base means the sides are closer to parallel than if the base were narrower. Rings & artifacts are just the cost of doing business, same as the square die image you get with aspherics. Yes there are reflector designs that throw well with narrow bases and aren't afflicted with rings, but would they throw better if they were wider? Probably.

That is, of course, ASSUMING that a reflector is BETTER because it throws further regardless of beam quality. When the quality of the beam profile suffers, afaic, they’ve taken it too far.

Like the Ford commercials about and/or.

In that regard, my Convoy C8 with orange peel reflector and XP-G2 is near perfect, no artifacts, nice spill, a hot spot that blends into the spill instead of having well defined edges. I Like It! :slight_smile:

I haven't damaged mine, but I have quite a few HD2010's, and eventually I'll need the spare parts.

HD2010 38.0 DEEP 57.6 OD 51.6 ID

ZYT08 38.5 DEEP 57.6 OD 52.1 ID

Good job getting a source for these, I’ve looked in vain in the past. I’d be in for one if you get them for a good price as well!

Thanks for the measurements Bill.

Unfortunately Easylightbuy has not responded yet and I’m starting to lose hope.

I’ll shoot them one more email and I’ll continue looking for a supplier of these much sought after reflectors.

If the price is cheap enough i’d be interested in 1-2

Thank again for your efforts Ryansoh3.

To answer someone's question above about durability of the reflector. I think the HD2010 reflector is as durable as any other aluminum reflector. It's just that reflectors are always at risk when modding a light and the HD2010 is a popular light to mod. Also, some of us (me included) have damaged the base area of the reflector in attempts to increase emitter wire clearance via grinding and such.

I think there would be even more takers if the aspheric mod didn't recently become popular.

My aspheric ring is coming in handy…as a prop for taking pics of lights! :slight_smile: My lens has a long focal length, doesn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I prefer the reflector anyway, don’t really care for no spill and a square hot spot.

Still no response from easylightbuy.com :frowning:

Wallbuys said that its supplier wouldn’t sell the reflectors. :frowning:

And the search continues!

Which lens is that? Mine are still in transit.

Not sure Gj, got it from DX some time back to try in a D Mag. Focal length puts the lens out past the bezel. :frowning:

Thanks, DX has 2 similar looking lenses. Hopefully that one is the one not linked to by VOB.

The one Matt linked has a closer focal length that works with is ring adapter. I just didn’t want to order from DX, they’re painfully slow.

when they play so that we can grow than they may have their HD2010. none reflectors
I’ll find other flashlights where you can obtain. multiple components

I’m going to buy more in the future from sellers who make an effort to spare as fast tech and kaidomain and DIY you can make them.

with reflectors to buy: i buy maybe 3 HD2010 ore more

no reflectors: i never buy this no more.