Why are people confused by this?

Everyone whom I have lent a multimode flashlight uses FULL CLICKS to cycle through modes, even after I explain to them what a soft or half-press is, or after I demonstrate the soft-press method. Does not matter if it’s a reverse or a forward clicky, or if it has memory or not. This phenomenon is not unique to self-proclaimed “tech illiterate” folk. One of my friends who frequently opines how Android >>> iOS, and so on, apparently doesn’t grasp that you don’t need a full click to change modes. It made him look kind of funny, using six full clicks to go through Low and Medium to get to High when using a Mag with an Nanjg105c driver.

I have to admit when I got my first two “clicky” flashlights I thought one of the batteries sucked because one of the two flashlights had memory and when I would click it on and off, it would start in low mode. After about 20 minutes of goofing around I realized that a soft push changed modes. I think everybody is just so used to a flashlight being an ON/OFF device it doesn’t…….click……oh man sorry.

Thanks Slim Pickens. You learn something new everyday.

I know, I know…it’s a silly subject to rant about :stuck_out_tongue:
Still—I’ll go through all the effort of explaining how easy changing modes can be, and it usually goes in one ear and out the other…usually the same people who are undaunted by techie buzzwords. The ADD Generation.

The case for unfamiliarity can be justified for some people, or, in the case of my father, those who could give a rat’s behind about multi-mode witchcraft.

nope, it baffles everyone you give one too :bigsmile:

mrs gords still struggles with some lights, she does however like the defiant 3c, she likes the on off and the reassuring heft…

My first multimode flashlight did in fact work that way; you had to do a full click to go from low to high and another full click to go back to off. It's a Rayovac Sportsman Extreme 80 lumen 3AAA. But yeah, I think people are not used to the half-click method.


Absolutely nothing wrong with that! I like nice, single mode, dedicated thrower or all-around bright lights. Modes are for the practical lights you are supposedly going to use all the time (i.e. when you’re not playing with your fun lights)

All my lights are fun lights. :bigsmile:

The fact that 90% of Chinese flashlights come with No directions does not help.
These Vendors/Manufacturers could sell far more product if they spent some time educating their buyers. They would sell more/better batteries, chargers, etc if they would just invest in having some English people write some owners manuals.
I say English because it is the biggest market where the disposable income is spent, no disrespect to other languages or countries intended.

I used to full click because I did not know better. Found out by accident that I could scroll through the modes.



try giving an SC52 to an old man and getting him to understand the difference between a SLOW and a QUICK press

yeah it’s hard for people to pick up on my lights…dunno why…they eventually get it after about 5 mins though lol

Got to confess to being a dork for quite a long time before I sussed the half press out!!

Hate to admit, but I’m still sometimes baffled by reverse clickies . . I only have a couple and am not a fan of mode changes with them until I re-learn how to use those lights.

But I’m totally baffled by drivers that automatically come on in the next mode every time I turn them off (and leave them off for a while).

Do not, I repeat DO NOT expect people to take to the EA4 instantly.

I gave one to my brother for his birthday... showed the functions, how to use it, to both him and his wife.

Had to repeat the process four times.

I'm 99% sure except for high, turbo and off, no other mode on that light will ever be used

I kind of like it though. Just wish the button cover wasn't rubber.

That reminds me of a stupid joke.

A banjo teacher says to his student: "Just play a single note, play it really loud and crisp", and the students picks a note and it goes "plunk!".

Then the teacher says: "Now play the same note, but this time really soft and full of emotions", and the student picks the note and it goes "plunk!".

My wife doesn't care about memory, no memory, forward and reverse clicky. She wants it bright when she turns it on. So I swapped out the h-m-l mode driver to an 105c - 1 mode. She's happy now. As i gave her the updated torch, she said she doesn't need to be f'n around with those "pussy modes".

I think I created a flashaholic monster!

Last several dropins I bought were one mode . The most recent were OP XML-2 U2 from Kaidomain .

I like the simplicity .

I took to the EA4 instantly, after being convinced the UI was going to be too complicated. But the two stage button is familiar tech from cameras and the modes are well designed.

I like that the button is rubber, because the light is IPX8 meaning it can be immersed 2m in water. But I am too scared to try it out!

I think if you are trying to make your UI design accessible to many people you need to anticipate what they naturally expect. I’m sure there is a reason why so many assume mode changes require a full press.

I know this is primarily about software design but I think some of the principles apply here, particularly the second and last one:

I gave my wife a P1d with a XM-L U2 and Hi-Lo-Strobe for using when she gets off late at night (every night) She uses Hi only, the first one up. I asked her if lo didn’t work well enough and she says she just likes Hi, it lights EVERYTHING up! lol

She didn’t use for 2 or 3 weeks, was parking her new car illegally without a parking permit. She finally broke down and got the permit and now has to park in the designated areas…much further out. (BIG Hospital, usually 200-300 yds away from the building)

She also said she likes the heft of it, nice and solid with some “edges” to it that would cause damage if she needed to use it defensively.

(That kinda cracks me up, she’s 5’ 0” tall and weighs 112lbs soakin wet! I’d much rathe she carry her .357 with the P1d but the Hospital, rules and all that mess)