Why are these batteries different?

These are the batteries I have from Neal’s Gadgets. Neal’s Gadget 30Q’s
They are the only 30Q’s I have ever used/purchased.
If your S2R Baton works in turbo using the original style Olight battery, then I can only assume the 30Q batteries you have, are not providing the required minimum HDC required for turbo mode.

Others with 30Q’s, and an S2R Baton, will have to confirm if theirs work in it or not.
All I know is, I am sitting here, confirming my 30Q’s work in turbo mode, on my S2R Baton II.

I still believe you either have worn out 30Q’s, and they cannot provide the required HDC needed for turbo mode, or you have 30Q knock-offs.
It just doesn’t make sense that your S2R is defective, if it can turbo with the Olight battery.

Or it could be that your flashlight is an S2R Baton, and mine is an S2R Baton II, and 30Q’s work in a Baton II, and not in a standard Baton flashlight.

I have the Baton not Baton 2.
So somebody else may need to confirm.