Why are you doing this to me BLF, whyyyyy :(

I just spent 40 minutes writing comprehensive PM, collecting links, comparing products, explaining why this and why not that and when I hit Save I got

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :cry:
it never ask me to login agan, never, why now…
Those 40 minutes of my life are lost forever, thanks BLF, I am not writing that crap again. :expressionless:

back button and Chrome browser are your friends…

Didnt work on firefox.

Sorrrry! :-/

That’s why I always highlight my entire post and copy before I hit save. If things go wrong I can just hit paste on a new text box and I haven’t lost a thing.

Don’t worry about it SB, not your fault, it’s just my “luck”.

If I have a long post I will copy it before hitting save. If something happens I can just copy it back in.

Yup, google saves ALL your stuff… Even if you don’t.

Yes, I should have done that but after so long of not having that issue (on any forum) it just slipped my mind I got lazy and skipped that step :person_facepalming:
O well, what you gonna do…

Yeh, amazing how one slip up like that makes you learn to never go there again in the future. Ask me how I know. :wink:


Me too.

And I learned that the hard way, like OP did.
If that, per chance, is somewhat consoling…

I just go back in time….

Use the Lazarus plug in for your browser

It saves data while you’re filling in

Did refresh button doesn’t work? When your browser send “POST” request to the server and fail, browser like firefox usually still has your content before you close it. Hitting refresh button or F5 will make firefox retry to send failed content and gives confirmation like resend or cancel.

I got to the point of just writing it all up in note or on a wordpad and then copy and paste to the post. I would even put the picture links and the keyword for the link next to it in the order I wanted, then do a cut and paste into the link. The only thing I still do not like in the simple post editor is the apparent lack of a way to segregate the paragraphs. So now I do this in the Advanced editor… so it all works out…

This is pretty much the way I do it, and not just for posts in a web browser. I do the same when I construct a long email. I type up all of the content in a text file, then copy over to the browser or email app, and then I add links, format text, etc.

I remember when MS Word didn’t have auto-save. Was into a 2000 word rough draft of a contract once. Stepped away to get a drink of water and I notice the power blinked in the office. Ran back to my PC and it was in the process of re-booting… Arrrgh

Got into the habit of hitting ctrl-S every paragraph from then on.

When you write things twice it becomes clearer that deleting it the first time made more sense .

I also learned the hard way. Now I do that too.