Why don't you participate in BLF\OL challenge

Incapability for a lot of reasons. Time being one, bad taste another, little ability to finish a larger project the most important one.

Any light is suitable I am just thinking what light I wish to have and build it :)

this is funny since "little ability to finish a larger project" is the main reason I am participating the challenge, the deadline encourage me to finish the project :)

One summer back in ‘85, I put together two David Hafler ‘hi fi’ kits—a DH 220 stereo amp and their DH-110 preamp.

It was a soldering job that only an autist could appreciate and but for a noisy volume pot, they were both sounding great when I sold them off 14 years later!


I have had this idea for an entry for a few years… But I lack a proper oxy/actl torch, actually the bottles and a lathe to make it happen. The mod category is a cool idea, but home built is where it is at.

This year more than ever i want to participate. My biggest reason is TIME. And honestly, this may sound stupid, i worry about how well i could picture document the process is a nice and pleasant way. Not only do 95% of the contestants I have seen make something INCREDIBLE (thats intimidating for me), but they document the process very well and consistent (im bad with the consistent part). Both the time needed to complete it and the process to document it make me hesitate to try it. Maybe next year for me. I love to tinker on many things, and i have had some ideas for a couple different categories, so i think i could make something at least semi-interesting. I dont know how competitive it would be, but i'm not worried about that. There are people that do that contest that i admire their skills so much, I would be happy just to be in the mix.

Gotta love the sole vote from the person who doesn't do the contest because of the prizes. lol. i love it. "Hey! why aren't you guys giving away GT94's yet!" lol. i kid.. i kid..

Let's see it Matt!

Oh man, if i owned a proper lathe and milling machine my wife would never see me again.. id live in the workshop.

I voted for "Incapability", though "Disinterest" is also true.

I'm not a modder, though I do like to see what modders can accomplish.

My dream build is a copper Damascus light, think of the old wrapped shotgun barrel. Need a lot of heat to bo the silver solder work. To much mass to heat with a small torch and maintain heat in the whole body.

I've followed the entries for years and I absolutely love all of the creativity and cleverness - and the craftsmanship whether it's by hand or machine. I'm just not super creative or inventive and my mods are limited to the usual swaps and low-level stuff. I don't know if that makes me disinterested as a participant or if I'm just too linear/practical when it comes to lights. But in addition to the pleasure of seeing what others have accomplished, I've also learned a lot and people's approaches have broadened my thinking and perspective toward lights over the years...really do love the contest and it seems to me that it's kind of the heart of BLF in many ways. Glad to see that it's still going to happen this year!

For me is the lack of ability as well as lacking the tools I need to make something decent.

This year, and so far, lack of time!
Last year I did a 1 day project, and it didn’t go bad! This year lack of time and of a build or mod project (at least something beyond the basic) is what is making me not be in. Let’s see if I can make something ahead in time…

But good luck to all involved in this year’s contest :+1:

I have to extract my digit and build something simple this year not sure what yet.

Combo of factors:

To make or mod a light of sufficient quality to honor the competition requires a lot of time and energy.

A typical mod involving emitter and driver swapping would seem to be far below the level of what we typically see people produce in the competition. I think something a little more impressive is expected.

I have some ideas for mods or scratchbuilt lights of completely original design, but finding the time and energy to implement those is something that hasn’t happened.

No soldering skills…yet. I have been meaning to learn for a while but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Me > lack of creativity.

Disinterest for me a bit at least - but then this year has been a hard year for all, although you never know……… :wink: I might get motivated, but I’m working 6 days a week until November so no time is also a factor for me.

For those sitting on the fence thinking about it -
DO NOT let what you perceive as being ‘too high a quality entries, I wouldn’t stand a chance’ creep into your minds if you’re thinking of entering - I did last year I must admit and almost didn’t enter (just needed a gentle push from my friends on here) but look what happened… I won lol! (still can’t believe it now)
All the other entrants were hugely supportive, helpful and are always there for advice/help should you need it, it only takes a PM and they will help you I’m positive of that.

If you are not so strong in 1 area - make the area you are good in SHINE, it won’t go UN-noticed - I think my ‘finish’ won me last year as much as anything else.
Nothing wrong with keeping things simple if you are not electrical minded like me (is why I used the guts from another light and simply transplanted them) concentrate your efforts on parts that will stand out and that you are good at, pretty lights are always popular - they don’t need to light up Mars to win lol!

Some examples of simpler little things -
De anodising then polishing maybe or making roughed up
Finishing a bought light with some funky glowing add on’s or paracord work
Some engraving work or embellishments like PP’s beautiful ‘little dragons’ or the rings he did on others
Flaming a coloured anodising in a creative way to change the colours, like tiger stripes
File work on the body ‘OL’ style
You get my drift hopefully!

Great input.

As I see it the BLF/OL challenge is not a competition it is all about the experience.
You start with simple build or modification and improves year by year.
People on BLF are very supportive and have great advises :)

You know what was the worst bit for me………watching the voting, more so the fear of what ‘other people’ thought. I was literally tearing my hair out watching it lol!
MAYBE we should have a ‘unseen’ voting and trust the organisers to announce the results at the end. By that i mean we can’t watch the voting happening, but obviously people would still vote lol.
Then nobody feels sad if they only get 5 votes etc (because they won’t see) - they just know at the end they came in ‘X’ place and the number of votes are kept in the hands of the organisers.
Just an idea of course, but it’s the bit I found the worst out of all of it.

It make sense, if it bothers this year participants I think it can be done.

My excuse …this wall .

But I finished it today . Guess I best start planning a build . :wink: