Why is the charger with the analysis function of two slots rarely seen on the market?

Charger with discharge, capacity test and other functions, 2 slots, very rare

4 slots are the most common

Is it unnecessary for users? Or the cost performance is not enough


My guess, is that the electronics/screen is easier to fit in the footprint of a 4 bay charger and it’s more cost efficient too.

My guess is that if you are going to make one model, most users prefer 4 over 2. Also, if you prefer 2, you still may make the purchase of the 4.

lol,how about 6 ,8 slot ? :laughing:

How about this: the more batteries/cells you own, the more the possibility will occur that one of those will fail. The more you will be inclined to monitor your batteries/cells.
And if you own more batteries/cells, you’ll probably also own a bigger charger.

I like 4 slot, hardly have a use for more slots.

Personally speaking this is my wishlist of an analyzing charger:

4 slot
4x 26800 compatibility
4x 2A or 3A charging
Internal resistance measuring
High quality rails and contacts
Temp sensors (Per slot cell temperature and device temperature)
Analyzing and capacity function with 1A discharge per slot if possible
Storage charge/discharge function
Nice LCD screen
Updatable firmware if needed
Included power supply (65w USB-C QC or PD input would be wonderful, but may be unrealistic)

For around $100

4 slot has been a de facto standard for some time. 90% of the chargers out there are 4 slot.

65w USB-C hard use in 4 slot charger,12V5A is ok, no need USD100, about USD 50-60


High end chargers are mainly 4-Slot LED light chargers, but many users still use 2-slot LED light chargers

Maybe 2 slots, suitable for cost-effective products

I have the Miboxer C2-4000 which is a 2-slot analyzing charger. It is ok as a charger but the internal resistance reading is a joke. It always reads high internal resistance and consequently steps down the charging rate. That said, it’s still my every day charger and has never failed me.

My first charger in Mid 80´s had 4 bays :slight_smile:

I think it´s easier to make a 4-bay-charger with this functions because:

- more space for a big display

- more space for big discharge-resistors

- lower temps

  • ppl would spend generally more money than for a 2-bay-charger

The S4+ needs IMHO enough time for testing cells (especially the bays 2+3 which allow max. 0,5A discharge), less slots = more time for test

Would be nice for me if all bays are on “max Power” :wink:

If 6-8 bays means the charging or especially the discharge function is set on lower current it would be not interesting for me. Who needs a bigger charger if the test of 8 cells needs the same or more time than the 4-bay?

I have to say I prefer 2 slot chargers as they’re smaller and I usually only charge one cell at a time because I only use one flashlight at a time!

Did you need a analyzer function for this? Or a basic charger?

The advantage is to accommodate more batteries. For example, if you need to charge many battery when you go out, so many slot chargers have advantages

If you input 12V 8A or 12v10a into an 8-charge charger, there will be a fast charge or a larger discharge current

But these adapters weigh a lot. Are you interested in these adapters,?

I really like this summary. I would add that each slot should be current controlled by the user with a reasonable default setting. I really do not like chargers that assume a big body battery, well then let’s charge it hard.

I am also not a fan of more than 4 slots due to weight and size. I value taking my best charger with me when I travel and 4 slots is enough for a travel charger.

I have the idea of making a 2-3a fast charging, 0.5-1A discharging 2-slot charger, or compatible with various chemical composition batteries, but it is expected that the market is not good, so the scheme may be eliminated

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If you can make this for 50% or even 40% of the cost of the S4+, but keep most of the functionality of the 4 slot model (maybe add 26800 size slots to the 2 slot version…4A charge each?) Then I think you would he successful in sales. Currently only 26800 size chargers are very basic and only a single slot.

The market prospect of 26800 lithium-ion battery is not optimistic, and many factories have stopped production

4A or higher current charging can be achieved

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Is it true about factories stopping 26800 production? How come?

Nope, I don´t like these adapters :\

I think a 4-slot-model is the best solution, not sure how other ppl interested in a 2-slot-model with many functions because it´s maybe not much cheaper than a 4-slot. And I charge often many cells, so it would only cost time and nerves.

I´m fine with more slots if it can charge/discharge at speeds like the S4+ and which moderate heat (fanless). I have enough chargers to not move around with the big chargers :wink:

But dunno how big the market is for an huge 8-slot-charger. I think if many ppl needed it, more of these chargers would be available.