Why Texans love high powered lights and Why you have to be very careful with them!

So I will cut right to the chase.

I laid my mt09R on an envelope for just a moment earlier and, well this happened:

I figured it was video worthy. I have had lights do this but never this fast or intense before.

I am offering the mods that I did to this light as a service temporarily until I run out of drivers Details here

Now i want mt09r

>> Why Texans love high powered lights and Why you have to be very careful with them

Sounds like you are asking why we need to be careful of Texans? :wink:
So many reasons…

Don’t mess with Texas.

Looks like a good light to take out in the wilderness if all else fails you could use that on some dry moss or scraps of paper and have fire

:open_mouth: :money_mouth_face: :smiling_imp: :open_mouth:

:+1: :beer:

And one step closer to the XKCD flashlight… :partying_face:

So a Texan weaponized the LED. I see registration, back ground checks and battery capacity limitations

^And it’s got an assault bezel. :smiley:

Wicked Lasers has been marketing this for years but they use a halogen bulb.

Impressive! It was smoking within seconds!

It appears that there is good reason for Muggle Mode on some of these high-powered lights.

Thanks for posting the video. Nice job on the mods. It’ll hopefully warn some people and have others lining up to have you do work on their lights.

Thermal regulation doesn’t work again? :person_facepalming:
Just kidding. :sunglasses: :beer:

My MT03 does the same with same TA narsil driver :slight_smile:

Smokes in seconds then put paper on fire :smiley:

The kids would love it on a scout camping trip.

You know it was only a matter of time but if they want to take it away they will have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers.

My ultimate goal….muhahaha

Hmmmm, 30 XHP70.2 LED’s + 35 18650 cells + ~1000w of power……. No, I have not put any thought into this at all. Nope, never even entered my mind. :innocent:

Indeed, that was what shocked me, I have seen this happen before but never so fast.

Yes, this is why the production MT09R drivers stop at 50% ramp and even my own light stops there.

Indeed, I did consider it could stimulate a few sales. It seems there are other crazy people out there that like playing with fire. I only have ~30 drivers, once they are gone I doubt I will be making more unless there is a LOT of demand. It takes around 45 mins per driver to build them + flashing and testing.

Or warm fingers in this case.

This is Texas, thermal regulation is for sissies. :sunglasses:

Hopefully it keeps on trucking. Theres been a few QC issues lately with Haikelight.