Why you should never buy to Gearbest

No offence mate, you speak better English than I do Spanish… but im guessing its Spanglish translated into Chinglish and the result is headbands. You got to laugh mate, or you will go mad.

As someone said, theres people from GearBest who post here, give them a chance to sort it for you.

Very true. Wish I could laugh more… I’m afraid I’m destined for madness. :hat: Someday I’ll be mad as a hatter.

Well… they do have horrible refund policy… I ordered the same light light yours on march 28th and to this day I haven’t receive it… I emailed them like 5 times and they always said, please wait for few more days and contact us again… finally after 2 months they decided to refund me but only $8 or pay another $10 for shipping and handling… WTF?!?

I paid $24.52 and they lost the package and now they only willing to pay $8 for refund?
Should avoid them in the future like a plague…

Yes of course other packages that I have received really is very funny. Open it, headband again! Bravo! but when they say me that is my problem or that they give a 8$ coupon or 20$ is not funny. Because I have explained, in good english, bad english or spanglish (I must to say that thanks to gearbest, I have improved my english a lot :crown: ), I have used a lot of words to “flashlight” with pictures and they never see them… so is very frustating.

I have read a lot of stories about the Gearbest and believe me, you don’t want to buy in this website.

I will speak with the user Gearbest in this forum and I wait because I have lost the money and I can’t to do more. well… I can to sell the headband!!! someone want??? very cheap! only 31,99$.

Why do people insist on dealing with awful CS directly when they refuse to refund fully? Sure you contact their CS, explain the issue, let them respond. They either have sent a new one without more money from me, or have given a full refund, anything else Im straight to PayPal to open a dispute. And if they say they have sent a new item, Im opening a dispute with Paypal at the 44 day mark from payment, not from the date of resend etc. Google Calendar will help you keep the dates in mind, with a nice reminder sent via email to my phone on the day.

You can always cancel the dispute if they get their act together before PayPal act on them.

I read your story and want to shake my head at Gearbest and say "unbelievable" but with gear best I can't say that. It's totally believable and have had my own go round with their CS and only today got my replacement SWM C22C to replace a defective one. Never again will I buy from them.

No way man, now we pretend that some guys from GB come here and resolve all this fuc**ng questions!
We are a community, so we are strong. If they want to work with us again in the future, must come here and do something!!
Too bad!! |(

Amazing!! C.S gearbest are totally swindlers!! look that.

Gearbest Customer Support At :05/31/2015 10:22:02 PM
Dear Javier,

I am sorry for this unsual delay to reply you and we will make sure it does not happen again.

1. I knew you total paid us 31.99usd, if you want get this full refund, please return back all the items you have received , at the same time, please refer to our warranty: http://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html;You should pay the returning back shipping fee;

2. The item is out of stock now, it means we have not stock temporarily, later we will have stock of the item.
Thank you for your understanding and confirm with us according my previous message.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.
Hope you have a nice day.

Best Wishes

Javier Macia At :06/01/2015 03:37:31 AM
Dear Elie.

I don’t like your solutions, anyone, and I’m going to write all this in the forums.

Well. I don’t want 20$ and neither that I send to you my items because is more expensive than a new flashlight.

So I think that I prefer wait to the item is stock. How much time will I to wait more o less? Because I prefer wait and you send me again the full order. Is that possible? Maybe os this way all of us will happy.

Wait your reply. Thanks.”

Gearbest Customer Support At :06/01/2015 05:52:42 PM
Dear Javier,

Thank you very much for your recent message.

Please refer to my previous message and make a decision, thank you.

If any problem, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

WTF?! they force me to make a decision with their 2 stupids solutions. I propose other option C (to wait that the stock is ok) and they don’t deign to answer me. Each day I am more sure that Gearbest is a swindler.

Hi. I am extremely sorry for the problem you encounter and apologize for any inconvenience caused on our company’s behalf. I have PMed you. I will follow up your orders and try my best to help you in this issue.


Mafo, make sure you post back resolution of this case now that BLF’s GearBest CS rep has stepped in ;)!

Am I the only one that thinks this belongs HERE ?

I guess link to this thread there would be more appropriate?

He ordered a flashlight.
GearBest sent headbands and no flashlight.
He complained.
GearBest sent more headbands, but still no flashlight.

He should get a full refund, no questions asked. GearBest may as well have substituted his flashlight request for toothpicks. He should not have to return the items at his expense because the problem is all GearBests mistake.

If GearBest want the good back, then GearBest should pay for return delivery.

Yep. I agree. That. Sucks.

+1. To join a forum with a “this company sucks” post is a little tedious, imho.

I dont think its tedious, that his experience, according to his post, his experience that it really sucks :D!

similar issue here:

ordered somthing in april ’15. payed for trackingnumber. package go out WITHOUT trackingnumber. open a ticket. get refund for tracking changed in GBpoints (BAD)

AND WHAT HAPPENED? for what I payed tracking? THIS HAPPEND: nothing received till today! ticket again. GB ask me for correctness of the shippingadress.

now it’s “processing”

still waiting…… :expressionless: :expressionless: :~

I’m starting to get more than fed up by those business practices…Maybe something coming soon in terms of customer satisfaction/feedback etc. I will probably try to do something in 1 week and try to get a form up to gauge of the problems being encountered by BLFers….

WTF??? Are they kidding me!!!

Javier Macia At :06/02/2015 02:01:08 AM
Dear Elie.

No, I can not make a decision because they are inacceptable!

they are uselessness. With them always I lose money when the problem is caused by you.

to solve this problem is very easy. You must to send the full order or the flashlight. If you say me that the flashlight is Out stock, I don’t know if I believe you but I can wait to the stock become OK.


Gearbest Customer Support At :06/03/2015 02:39:33 AM
Dear Javier,

Thank you very much for your recent message.

If you want us resend another new one, you should pay extra 15.00usd to us. I’m so sorry we can’t resend to you again and again with free.
Thank you for your understanding.

If any problem, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

:open_mouth: really? is this a joke?? absolutelly unbelievable! 15$ more??? I don’t pay a penny more and I don’t know what to say to Elie without kill her….

Open a Paypal dispute.