It may be April 1st but this isn't a joke... well, it is, but not that kind of joke, it works - special 4.58 amp 28AWG driver, custom 3-mode UI (off, on, and holywtf I smell bacon- oh wait that's just my hand burning).


Hmm. Excellent and interesting. Please do tell us more. Like how is the beam profile??

why not ?

About what you would expect, it's a good match for the rest of the light. (in other words, horrible)

Nah, actually not as bad as I expected. Tons of spill, slightly oval-shaped, but it has a dead donut hole in the center.

I’d be very interested in the beam profile as someone suggested this in another project thread.

Nice job 8)

I have another oddball p60 reflector that I don't know what it's for, but the hole is bigger than normal XM-L stuff. It'll still need some filing at the opening but not near as much as the one in it currently. Besides the mods to the opening, to fit in this $3 light it has to be turned down on the OD and shortened at the top quite a bit. Why am I going to waste spend waste even more time on this thing?

Also I have no idea how the scratched up plastic lens has managed to not melt yet. It seems to push nearly as much heat as light out the front.

Very nice comfychair. If you find out why let me know as I get asked this all the time and I have no answer either.

Is not nice! It's horrible! Not supposed to be nice! I'm a little sleep deprived and delirious, and I had the silly idea to put together the most random mismatched parts I had in the junk box. It's supposed to be funny!

But I did just get 24 new 2400mAh cells for $2.45 each, so that's a little consolation...

Upgrade to 22AWG teflon wire pushed it up to 4.87A, lol

Always good to see some craziness! :smiley:

Is the cooper board stock (half emitter directly on cooper), or modified in some way?

Any info on the special driver?

Special driver is a wire that goes from B+ to LED+.

I dug out the layers down to the copper base for the part of the LED that hangs off the edge. So the solder on the outer halves is thicker than optimum, but it's better than sitting on an insulating layer. And besides... lol


With the new 18650s from the laptop packs it does...

5.71 amps

haha… that explains… lol…

New reflector fitted, but not polished yet. Still very rough around the base from the diamond files. Don't think I mentioned before but these are XM-L U3 6500k. But this should give some idea... (all at f/2.8 1/80sec iso200)

L2P smooth reflector XM-L2 5000k direct drive @ 3.45A, mouseover for the LOLlight @ 5.7A

and Solarforce S1100 upgraded w/another XM-L2 T6 5000k @ 3.3A, mouseover for the LOLlight

The donut hole in the middle is inevitable, nothing I tried made it better. But it's so much light everywhere it really doesn't matter. Just point the light somewhere else, everything will still be lit up, lol. Half the light this thing puts out doesn't even fit in the frame.

outdoor shots?

I've tried outdoor shots, failed miserably, lost patience with the camera... I will figure it out eventually, but I'll have to be feeling particularly inspired to work through it. Manual camera settings are a world I've never had reason to visit before.

It's just a stupid amount of flood, everywhere. Makes a SRK look like a spotlight.

It gets so hot that after it's switched off, I get paranoid and would swear the battery's shorted and it is about to explode. But of course it's not shorted, switching it back on makes light come out again which it wouldn't do with a dead short. I've removed all the o-rings, and the lens is just glued in the front with silicone - not enough room to put it on the inside, as-is I have to use copper spacers between the head/body/tailcap to get it to fit together - so if Something Bad happens to the cell it can vent fairly easily without becoming a hand grenade...

I’ll tell you how to get better beam profile; carve out the opening for the LEDs evenly like a regular circle. It won’t be perfect, but the bizarre oddities will fade out and you’ll have tons of side spill (up front) and a central corona going out aways. Try it. Betcha a gas station hot dog it improves the beam.

Keep in mind this used to be a p60 reflector, long long ago

Well I never thought that would have worked, but hey look:

mouse out XP-G2 @ 2.8A (20mm OP reflector), mouseover the LOLlight with round reflector opening

Still a little lumpy, but again the re-worked part hasn't been repolished yet so it may get a little better.

this LOL-light is growing into something actually desirable