Widest Beam Zoomie

I’m looking for a zoomie (host) that has the widest beam when zoomed out. It has to be two cells in series. The flashlights I’m currently considering are UniqueFire UF-1406, UF-1405 and Jax Z1. Does anyone have experience on which has a wider beam? Does anyone sell lenses for them that give them more flood (even at the expense of throw)? Any deals on any of these? I currently have a UF-T20, which I like a lot. I’m looking for something with more flood that I can put my XHP70 in.

Related question: Will 2 x 18650s drive an XHP70 at 5A @ 6V alright? Or should I stick with 26650s? I like the smaller size of the UF-1406 and all of my other flashlights are 18650. So there is a distinct advantage for me to stick with 18650s. But I have no problem buying a few 26650s for the ultimate light. Will the aluminum pill of the UFs be sufficient to dissipate the heat?

Thanks in advance!

Many zoomies can be modified for wider zoom. The goal is to get the back of the lens as close possible to the top of the led.

Typical stock zoomie like sipik 68: around 45 degrees
Modded zoomie with back of bezel filed down so lens can retract closer to led: 75 degrees.
Same with xpl hi: 80 degrees (flat dome allows bezel to retract further)
Same but with long focal length lens: 85 degrees.
Same but with fresnel lens: 92 degrees
Mule mod zoomie (fresnel lens with hole in center. Led is mounted on post. Lens retracts completely behind led in flood mode): 135 degrees

I have multiple UF-1405 and JAX Z1 zooms.

Widest beam is easily the Z1. The flood quality of a Z1 is difficult to beat IMHO.

I own 4 Z1’s

  1. XML-2 @ 4.5A done by Henry Kloepper

2. MT-G2 @ 8.8A done and measured by Henry

3. Stock (3A) except for emitter swap to 4C tint - Yes! Something I can do! :wink:

4. XHP-50 from factory via eBay

All are very wide. Favorite is the MT-G2 built by Henry at my request. BRIGHT!

I also have 3 UF-1405’s

  1. 4.5A from Henry

2. MT-G2 from Henry

3. XML-2 with 3A Qlite - Something else I can do! :wink:

The Z1 is my favorite of any I own. FWIW. Wide and smooth beam quality and
very well built.