WildTrail WT90 - SBT90.2 1800m+ throw 90mm 3x 21700 With Texas_Ace driver

it looks like they are fast shippers (DHL?)

my light’s tracking is showing;
Shipment accepted by airline 2021-05-26,
and today it shows that it has arrived in the USA

hopefully it will be here sometime next week

I picked up 3 Lishen LR2170LA 35 amp cells from 18650BatteryStore.com
I saw a few charts that made me think that these are very good 21700’s
hopefully they will be good cells for this light

there aren’t to many 21700 options available as stocks are sold out
of most other brand cells everywhere I checked

The cells I ordered arrived very fast and they have good hefty weighty feel
so I suspect they are quality genuine cells
the cells “just” barely squeeze into my i4 and Liitokala chargers,
I will test them later in the Liitokala for capacity

18650BatteryStore was fast and easy
so I also ordered 10 Molicel P26A to have on hand

I'll be interested in your experience with the lishen 21700 35amp. I also picked up some P26a on the recent sale, I only use 18650batterystore.com unless there is a special circumstance. They are fantastic.

My L21A took 15 days…11 once it was shipped. Not bad at all. Also ship from AliExpress.

As I look on my shipping page it says estimated delivery July 9th! I hope that is wrong!

I got my P42A from a place in Calif. I can’t recall the name now! Something legit. That’s in my previous post also. Took only 66 hours…that was over last weekend.Earlier in this thread I posted information that the owner from Lion wholesale told me and why all the batteries are harder to get now. Good luck with your batteries. I don’t believe hkj has them in his comparator. I will look I would doubt very much if they are as good as p42a or Samsung 40T, could be wrong.

What are you using to track?

I started a thread asking about those Lishen batteries here on blf, and some people replied with charts and they are pretty much equivalent to Samsung 40t iirc. I will post the link

Here is the link, see post #6:

go to aliexpress and sign in,
then on the order page look for “track order” and view detail

it shows a shipping progress bar at the top that shows;
CN————————— US customs—————————Destination
on this bar it shows the package’s progression as just past the US customs on the bar
so it appears that it has cleared customs

below this it has these details

2021-05-26 16:07

Shipment accepted by airline
2021-05-26 01:52

Clearing Customs
Started customs clearance process
2021-05-26 01:52

Shipment left country of origin warehouse
2021-05-25 22:35

Shipment at country of origin warehouse
2021-05-25 22:05

Shipment dispatched
2021-05-24 19:33

[China]Shipment ready for dispatch

Lishen LR2170LA - 21700 charts vs 40T & 50S

Dark green 50S Blue LA purple 40T

Deep purple 40T Light purple LA



I would like to see it against P42A.Mooch rates that better than 40T.

Either way, the differences are so small you would never be able to notice by the human eye and probably not much if any difference in run time.

I was looking for P42A but they are scarce to find

the LR2170LA were available
but now even they are sold out

Yes… I notice 18 650 battery were out of them.

That is where I got mine.Every other place was sold out.

Your Lishens should work well.

Liionwholesale said they should have P42A by middle of June.I am glad I found this previously unknown place to me…TEAM LEGIT!! A drone/ hobbyist dealer.

Lol! Just noticed they are out of stock for P42A!

For the hell of it I checked on Monday and they still had some. Glad I have mine.

yes they sold out shortly after that chart was shown on the thread I posted lol. I missed my opportunity to buy any

Hi Texas_Ace, I hereby revoke my prior interest. Good luck for your future cooperation with WildTrail. All the best for you. Take care! :-)



^ ummm, Does LP know something we don't???

correction- I'm sure LP does know many things we may not. I guess that just makes me a little curious.. anyway. Here's hoping that my light ships before the "time frame" alix gave it runs out. What happens then, do they cancel my order?

To those trying to choose the correct battery for this application;

First consider max load on each cell (25A max drawn the light, divided by 3 cells, equals roughly 8-9A max discharge per cell)

Then go to member HJC’s very handy battery comparator and enter the cells that you want to compare. Next enter the discharge rate, which in this case would be 10A (I don’t think he has a 9A setting)

Then overlay the graphs. This will show you which battery performs best at that specific rate of discharge.

Lastly, factor the capacity of the cell, with your needs. For example, maybe a cell like the 30T slightly outperforms, with the light on turbo, say a cell like the Tesla (like I am using with this particular light). Does that very slight amp draw advantage justify losing 2000mah of capacity? That is up to you to decide, based on your use expectations.

Hope this helps

What is not in that reasoning, is at what voltage the current must delivered, this is a combination of the led voltage at 25A and voltage losses underway from battery to led at 25A. Because this is a new light it is not sure what to expect, but the mentioned sub-optimal FET’s used in the battery carrier (for reverse battery protection, I really like the feature) predict quite some loss, which can be compensated by using higher drain batteries. Which capacity/current capability for the batteries is optimal (for turbo-use) remains to be seen.

Hopefully the sub-optimal FET issue was rectified by production time? I will also be going through the whole current path on mine, and reducing as many losses as is possible. The goal of my post was to use available data to help confused people with their decision.

Speaking of data, love and use everything you provide for us here Jozz, thank you.

You’re welcome. I have more or less stopped regular testing stuff though, I spend less time on the hobby now.

Family is just as important Jos, but i love your tests and builds, really like that wooden thrower