WildTrail WT90 - SBT90.2 1800m+ throw 90mm 3x 21700 With Texas_Ace driver

Here are some pictures of the reflector and LED:

The manufacturing pictures are very impressive.

I cant imagine they make S2+’s like that and sell them for ten bucks?

S2+ are made with a similar but much simpler process. They are made with only a lath and in a single machine step I am guessing and they will be made out of tubing to further reduce the machining. Where this light need multiple machines and multiple steps on the machines to finish everything, that really adds up quick.

2A charging is fine in my opinion. This is a flashlight first, the battery pack feature is a nice bonus.

interested in raw version!

Interested in the silver version.

It seems like a single LED version of the HK90 triple - very close in size and design. I'm really liking my HK90, tear down shown here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/64075, and finalized mods and results here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/64075/39

I'm sure I can tweak out better than 800 kcd on this WT90.

I am im.
One “Clear / sliver” for me.

If there are no more “Clear / sliver” left, a black one

Glad to see that there is more and more exciting SBT90.2 mid range lights coming out to the market!
I’d love to see more reviews, measurements and beamshots of this light :beer:

TA: how will buyers of the first bath of 25 clear/raw be selected in about two weeks?

Depends on how long it will take them to make more silver.

Right now we will be using the posts in the thread on a first come, first served basis but exact details are TBD.

Basically if you want silver, let it be known in this thread for now and we will sort out the rest later.

I really want green but posted for silver . Black has become boring for me... 75/25 seems overly optimistic for black, but we'll see.

yeah, I was thinking the same but had no data to back that up so let them go with what they wanted. Should of trusted my gut lol.

I also am over black lights, I get pretty much anything that is not black now days.

+1 for green :innocent:

In for a 1 green or silver
Thank you

I don’t want to be responsible for creating the false hope of green, unless there are suggestions being taken for the second batch on a color :slight_smile:

But so we’re clear, I wasn’t trying to start trouble with the green talk lol

Copy mate
I was just playing about the green colour as well as I know its not avalible.but if it would that would be awesome…
I hope I get a clear anodised one atleast loll.

red, and a SS bezel :wink:

And for the next batch a tripod mounting hole? (I could make a handle then)

I see this light doing very well. The price point is good.

yeah, I mentioned the option of other colors early on but they wanted to stick with black. I was able to talk them into the clear coated without a lot of hassle since it is really simple and hard to screw up but other colors take a fair amount of trial and error to get right as a rule and they didn’t seem ready to do that until they saw the demand for the light.

I actually thought that a tripod mount was going to be included until the prototype showed up.

Edit: Realized why the tripod was left out, there is just no where to easily put it without ruining the lines of the light and making the grip much larger. Unlike the GT the button is actually above the LED, so the tripod mount would have to stick out out the back of the light to have room. Possible but it is already a large grip even for my large hands, anything more would push it over the top. So I can understand why they had to leave it out.

I also like red lights, and purple, tan, blue, green, come to think of it I like anything that is not black lol.