Will Olight S15R battery degrade being left in charger?

I’m considering an Olight S15R that will let me keep it sitting in it’s charger and grab it as needed for dog walks. I generally walk the dog without the light, only turning it on to inspect something in the dark. Then maybe every 10 walks will I get bored and really use the light.

Will leaving the light in the charger harm the battery over time?

Excellent question, I’m glad that you posted it.

Keeping the flashlight in the dock shouldn’t affect the battery life.

It’s designed to terminate charging when the battery hits 4.2V, although it’s been reported to terminate slightly early (4.13V). Early termination should actually serve to extend the life of the battery, albeit at the cost of not having 100% of the full charge available when using it.

For more info: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?394246

Of course, this doesn’t take into consideration the long term consequences of storing a fully charged battery for extended periods of time. Whether you store a fully charged battery in the dock or store a fully charged battery outside of the dock, you’ll end up adversely affecting its performance if you don’t use it.

Is there an equivalent flashlight of similar specs (side button, 500 lumens, 18650, recharge base) that I should also consider?

Isn’t the S15R a 14500 battery? The S30R is an 18650.

Yes. I decided to wanted the higher lumen S20R model instead of the S15R model that I originally posted about. I’m surprised the 14500 model doesn’t have higher output given the 3.7v it runs at. I would expect a 1.2v NiMH to put out 280 lumens and double that with the 14500…?

Damaging a 14500 battery isn’t much of a problem considering the price for a new one.

Remember: if it vents, do not inhale.

If you inhale, the cost may be much more of a problem.

Is a Li-Ion battery more fragile than Ni-Mh ?
Is it more dangerous or equal ?

Li-ion is more dangerous.

Ni-Mh won’t do anything bad even if you abuse them.
Li-ion on the other hand, can get very violent if you don’t treat them with respect.

You must only use quality brand li-ions, know how to use them safely and charge them safely. Li-ions can “vent”, which is rapidly venting toxic gas. They can also “vent with flame” which is when the venting gas ignites, at this point the battery is shooting out a jet of flames. Also if a li-ion vents inside a sealed container, like a sealed metal flashlight, the venting pressure can cause the container or flashlight to explode. But if you how to use them safely, the chances of any of that are very very low.

I have the S15R and use it a lot - the battery lasts a decent length of time, to the extent that you may well find that you don’t have any need to leave it standing in the dock the whole time. For me, I have my light standing head up on my bedside table. The charger base is safely stored with my knives so I don’t lose it. I’ve had the torch maybe a couple of months or so and have only had to charge it twice.

Li-ion batteries should be stored at around 40% charge, so it will affect the battery if it is left sitting in the charger over time.

But on the other hand, you’ll be happy if you need the light fully charged and it is sitting ready to go.