Will the Jaxman Z1 fit 2 5200mAh 71.46mm protected 26650's?

I have a the Jaxman Z1 flashlight and I placed an order on some 71.46mm EVVA Protected 26650 batteries x2 without thinking if they might fit or not. Does anyone have this light and have cells that are about the same size as 71.46mm?

I have just measured my Z1 at about 142mm with the head spring fully compressed & without compressing the tail spring so probably about 145-146mm overall with both springs fully compressed.
Your batteries overall length is 143mm so they should just fit with both springs nearly fully compressed :+1:

Cool Thanks! I don’t have to worry about it now!

Just be a little bit careful the first time you tighten it up with cells in it to make sure :wink:

Will do!

with the factory driver, not sure. I have a 22mm FET w/bypassed driver spring in mine and those exact batteries. Fits fine.

Do know this though, getting the one closest to the head out can sometimes be a pain. The diameter is tight enough fit it almost vacuum locks it in there. I often have to take the “extension tube” off to get the second battery out.

With a de-domed MTG2 this thing is one of my favorite lights though.

Just be careful with the Z1, the diameter of the battery tube is a very tight fit, there are also sometimes some sharp edges at the ends (which you should file down if you notice them).

If you jam batteries into it without due care its very easily for the wrapper to snag and get cut open. Protected cells may be worse because of the little strip of conductor which runs down one side under the wrap which makes them a slightly larger diameter. In mine I can only insert batteries at the connection between the head and the extension tube. If I try to insert them from the tail cap end, they will almost certainly get stuck and damage the wrapper.

I agree with Blazer296, I have one with an MTG2 and it is my favorite light!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like this light would be better with a MT-G2. That’s my next mod. With the stock driver though.

Can the stock driver provide the voltage needed by an MTG2?

I used the Kaidomain FX6

(Edited because I linked the wrong driver)

I’m able to fit some EVVA 4500mAh protected cells in there without a issue. I’m hoping the 5200mAh variant will fit. If worse comes to worst, I’ll just exchange them for some 4500mAh.

Yeah. It should. The MT-G2 comes in a 6 volt variant. It should be as simple as swapping the XHP50 for a MT-G2, Minus figuring out how to get a centering ring for an MT-G2. I’m curious how others managed to get an MT-G2 to center in the light since the XHP50 ring won’t work. I need some help with that.

I drilled the pill ( or maybe it was drilled already.:question: …been a while) and tapped it for screws, then carefully shimmed the mcpcb with little bits of capton tape on the edges of the pill “lip” to center it before I snugged it down. Not sure thats the best way, but it worked. Was very careful not to get anything UNDER the star, except a drop of thermal paste.

I don’t recall if I sanded the star to make it loose first or not. I know I didn’t w/the 70.2 so probably not.

Also had to mask the mcpcb after it was all ready to go, just to be sure nothing shorted against the cover piece.

The Z1 has been my “go to” light for about a year now, in stock form, until I recently got a couple of Q8”s :wink:
I found that the tail cap end of the tube had a slight ridge that stopped me putting cells in from that end so when I first got it I took a few thou off the inside of the tail cap end of the tube with a flap wheel.
Cells then fitted in from the tail cap end although I do sometimes have to give a shake to get them out as they can form a slight vacuum depending on the cells.
I generally run mine on flat top (with a solder blob) unprotected Liitokala 26650”s although I have used Basen 4500mah & Thorfire 5200mah cells.
The Z1 is a very well made & versatile light IMO :slight_smile:

If I recall correctly I modified the stock centering ring in order to use the MT-G2. I think it was just a matter of drilling out the center of it to be a bit wider.

I also use two Liitokala 26650s but with a small magnet in between.

Some Liitokala 26650”s will make contact in series & some won”t as some of them, although flat top, are actually very slightly raised.
I have some that will & some that won”t.
I originally used small magnets but I found that the ones I had introduced high resistance, around .5A iirc so I solder blobbed the cells instead :THUMBS-UP

Cool. The batteries just arrived at work. Ill try them and let everyone know the result. I think ill have to drill and tap like you’ve done with yours. Just need to get a tap set and drill.

I just used one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flap-Wheel-Disc-Sanding-Abrasive-for-Drill-6mm-Shank-40-or-80-Grit-25mm-80mm/291458095710?hash=item43dc419a5e:m:muDCz4IADRUTiNx1fOJ5wPg in a cordless drill.
My raised part was only about the first 15-20mm of the inside of the battery tube nearest the tail cap & only needed a little bit of material removed to allow cells to be fitted from that end.

Great idea! If I have the issue, Ill give that a try!

Well I have an update on the battery fitment on the light. The good news is, they fit diameter wise just fine. The slightly bad news is they didn’t quite fit without some effort. Meaning the cap on one of the 26650’s concaved in just a little bit from the driver spring on tightening. Other then that it will let me fit the batteries in all the way. I can live with the slight concave of the cap. It’s not impacted the use of the cell at all.

If the battery fit, lengthwise, is so tight that you are squashing the battery button I would be a little concerned.
That means you are putting a lot of compression force on the springs & battery buttons.
Potentially you could have the button come off or more likely I would think, damage the spring due to the twisting action.
I would seriously consider getting shorter cells, or shortening your present cells :wink: