Will this light fixture thing work?

I'm thinking to get three of these along with osram 3w warm white golden dragons bought cheaply at LCK-LED and driving them in series with a 12V 1000mA adaptor like this?

Or do i have to get a proper driver for that application? I suspect i cannot get away that easily. The leds are rated max 3.6V@1A. should provide 120lumen in WW fragrance. I think that will do for shaving. Used to have triple 30W tungsten bulbs and those were plenty bright for my need. Actually this will be better as i would not get "spammed" in face so directly as before... Or em i being too optimistic?

I did try a couple of those MR16 "5W" LEDs with 12V adapter....they run anything from 9V to even 15V output, not sure after connecting how much is the voltage (never measured). Actually LED strips 5050/3582/335 SMDs are run off 12V LED adapters no issue....and they can take some abuse. These LEDs are quite tough.

Pls check out aliexpress, they have MUCH better range. Some of them are really attractive designs plus they come with drivers. They top out at 63W for the downlights, 21pcs of 3W emitters. Some have Cree XR-E, most are Episar or some taiwanese/china stuff.

Just for eg, this store is pretty expensive. There is one store which i like....Shenzhen Rita LED light. Unfortunately you can't search for store name.


Oh yes, try to go for WW for better CRI. CW have pretty low CRI.... though you do get the better efficiency. They bulbs do get hot, the bigger wattage bulbs have crazy heatsinks.

Disco! http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/454396340-18-3W-RGB-led-down-light-IP40-external-control-DC12V-wholesalers.html

Btw powersupply will destroy leds, you still need a driver board. 1000mA is a current rating, not a current limit.

Excellent, i'll get a driver, current limiter along.

I got lost in the links.

All i need is a simple yet elegant fixture "shell" with optics to put my leds into without breaking the bank. Looking along the lines of the one i posted in my dirst post.

Something like that might be excellent but u am unwilling to pay excessive amounts for the shell only

That's what I originally thought too....but seriously I have tons and tons of LEDs in the house, be it MR16/AR111 3*3W/5*3W downlights, or stars to 3-5W 240V bulbs to LED strips of all kinds, the MR16 are pretty tough (I have about 30 of them for spotlighting). All those 12V I played with can take whatever I dish out when i wired them in parallel. I learned of this phenomenon couple of years ago IIRC 2005 when i just connected a LED MR16 to a power supply just to test it and it worked (as mentioned it worked 9-15V thereabouts). It also works with a 20A PSU.

Surprisingly it is the lousy MIC power supplies that are giving up. LOL! 3 laptop type covered adapters already gave up and I changed out to the open-type PSUs (originally I only use the open type only when hidden like in the alcove or in the false ceilings). I always spec up to 3X the current rating.


Wait....if you want those simple types I just might have something for ya...quite cheap too.

Seriously I just wish that I found aliexpress earlier. I could have saved a lot on LEDs. !@$!@#% The local lighting vendors charge several magnitures more. Eg 5m strip is just 32 bucks shipped, locally it is 100. The MR16 are much more, like 5-6X. And aliexpress has much updated stuff....you know how fast things move, the retail stores are just unable to move this kind of new technology fast enough in volume.

Looking forward to hear from you. :)

Nice huh...




5050 SMD G4 base, cute huh....so you can swap out your G4 10W halogens. But need to ensure that PSU is 12VDC as most of the halogen based are 12VAC.


Bro, it seems that a lot of the stores have "wised up" and want to sell in lots instead of 1 pc. I remember just 3 months ago it was not like this. A 6W (2 MR16s of x 3W type) w/driver can be had for about usd30 shipped. This is the cheapest I can find. You may find 3W, but may not be bright enough.


Found it, I purchased their 3 x 3W AR111 from Light Best (Shenzhen). They are reliable, actually I purchased 2 units, 1 unit was faulty and they honoured a partial refund via ESCROW (paypal equivalent).


Cheap enough to purchase 2. Trust me, you'd want more light, warm white LED downlights are addictive.

If you go above a certain weight, i'd believe 2kg, they usually use EMS which will kill. http://www.aliexpress.com/product-fm/430442408-5W-LED-Downlight-Power-5W-320-400-LM-Viewing-Angle-60-wholesalers.html



Ems is a deal breaker for me and china post isnt selectable for my country. Now i remember why i don't even look at ali-something anymore.

I'll have to go through the usual suspects and digging...

Thanks for your tme tho.

My thinking is that US $265.94 for a light controller and $60.62 for a bulb hardly rates as being budget. I realize you are answering a direct question, but geeze!


This is more in line of what i was looking for.

I would love to get these:


But empty shells with optics. No other electronics. Should be reasonable for around 6usd as there is hardly any work nad electronics involved. Just the shells. I find it incredible those are not separately available.


Em i asking for trouble running an osram 3w led at 700-1000mA in this enclosure? I mean the heatsinking capabilities leaves a lot to be desired... It would be used at 1h at max single runtime.

Like the design tho...

Bro, (1) I did say its just for example, for knowledge/info.....you may need such stuff in a project next time for you home. Actually I posted the stuff that I did for my home, so far it's well-received here from the comments. (2) It's for 1 lot of 3 pieces, so divided by 3. (3) Its not a normal typical 5-15W bulb. It is 54W. The higher wattage bulbs are never cheap. Anyway I mentioned "Disco", it was just for fun... And (4) Need to do more homework. I mentioned the recommended store, but i could not find it. There are some which have pretty good pricings.

And for Aliexpress, you are dealing with ESCROW, which gives you much better protection than PayPal. (i think i mentioned above how it works)

Pls check out the whole picture, that's important. Dealing with (a) Price (b) Price and (c) Price only leads to headaches sometimes. Laughing

That is pretty good....as good as the cheapest I have found on aliexpress, go for it. It has driver included as well, so no worries. There are some which ship via China Post or those with free shipping (you can select via the search). Searching via ali is not easy, but from my experience there are some pretty good stuff there.

Anyway I thought I posted a usd16 shipped to USA link from Best LED which i purchased before (reliable)


The ebay one in your comment has a bulge from the false ceiling. It looks nice, but not sure if you like that kind of style.

Aliexpress has gems, there are too many stores there......so it is going to take time. Trust me on this.

This store is also pretty good, check it out. 1pc shipping. This is a whole store dealing/specialising in LED, not some dropshipper like DX.


Cheapest is perhaps manafont http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/71w-white-ceiling-light-85v265v-ac-p-7139 but only 1 style. If you don't mind this style then just get the 7W, it'd be brighter. But sorry, it looks like no WW, so your face would look a bit ghasty while shaving. LOL!

Gotta pay bro...