Will this work??

New to flashlight building so starting with…
Solarforce L2-D18 Battery Tube (for running two 18650)
Solarforce L2-S12 switch assembly
Solarforce M3S U2 XML head?
Any suggestion on different head or type of drop-in?
Will this work?
See any problems?
Trying to keep my first build simple.
Am I even on the right track?


Edited my post and narrowed things down

The m3 head is much bigger with more throw. The l2ch won’t match the anodizing on the 2x tube. Other than those you’re on the right track for sure.

I’d go with an l2t head, maybe put a stainless bezel on it (cheaper to buy separate) and you’ll have a sharp looking light.

For a dropin, should you decide not to go with the m3 there’s many variables. What are you looking for, throw/flood? Lumen output? Color/tint of the led. Solarforce dropins are pretty decent for two battery setup but are all cool white. They have different reflectors available now to mix and match between floody and throwy. (aspheric for crazy flood)

Edited because you edited

Mostly out walking the dog in the country so I want a combo of throw and some flood.
I like the cool whites.
Lumen is a not sure??
I know you can get high lumen flood so you don’t get throw or
lower lumen throw but you don’t get flood. so looking for a good combo.

The m3 might be what you’re looking for. With the bigger head it does throw, but using the xml it has a decent spill too.

It will offset the length of the battery tube as well.

From the Solarforce website I should be almost 3 hours runtime on two 18650 3400Mah.

I wouldn’t doubt those numbers, solarforce products are conservative with their power consumption.

While it’s not a powerhouse, dedicated thrower or flooder, you’ll have a nice p60 setup and a decent turbo head in a nice looking package.

Thank you very much for your help Bushwhacked


No troubles Randy. I think you’ll love your new light.

Just a warning. One solarforce seems to multiply into many, somehow your wallet gets smaller little by little too.