Will we see a bunch of new designs after Chinese New Year?

Or will the companies all scramble to fill orders that have been backing up?

I’d love to see what designs our favorite flashlight companies have up their sleeves in the year of the pig.

I’m hoping for more 21700-based lights with a nice combination of flood and throw and also smaller 18650 lights for edc. Not necessarily hot rod/pocket rockets, but something that’ll fit in a pocket easily but still have some “oomph” over AA-sized lights.

I think we’ll always see new lights from the known brands. There are some exciting new emitters in the market and the 21700 flashlight format, as you eluded to, has not been fully rolled out yet.
Still wish Convoy would bring a AA sized light.

Here’s what we’ll be seeing:

Lumintop GT4
BLF Lantern
Sofirn SP70

And hopefully a GT nano :smiley:

BTW, in a Shot Show video, Olight announced triple XP-L light and some other lights (see after minute 21) : Olight shotshow 2019 Product Presentation #shotshow2019 - YouTube .

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I haven’t followed Micro developments…I left the topic when the idea of Nano was stated by our members. Any news since then?

I can’t wait till Chinese New Year is over, then they’ll start shipping my order.

i would be surprised if ‘chinese new year’ automatically means new models.

i mean, why wouldn;t they turn out new models all year long?

they aren;t like GM in the 60s./.

or are they?


This was kinda what I was wondering. Is there a build up and plan for maximum hype or is it a holiday that makes many folks in other parts of the world wait?

i think the country all tries to not work
it isn;t commercial to my knowledge, or made up like say ‘black friday ’ in the usa

There may be an intentional delay for new products until the trade war agreement can be resolved.
It is hard to design something without knowing what the actual street price will with all the variables in play.

When the dust settles there should be a flurry of activity.
Here’s hoping it is soon.

The one that has me exited is the Astrolux FT03 SST40 Hope they start selling it soon…

I was sent the message that because of the Chinese New Year they are off for a month and would be back on the feb 12th.
This was a message from AliExpress, or maybe just a seller of the flashlights and batteries I’m buying

Not that I know off, Agro!
It is more a wishful thinking from me in this case, and was to follow the GT4 pointed by BlueSwordM !
Still, it would be a nice surprise to see a light like that coming out! (after the FW3A, of course :innocent: )

Been around for a little bit now.

After this year’s Chinese New Year, chances are we’ll be seeing not new designs but a bunch of holiday-weary individuals with hangovers!

I’m hoping for a lot more conversions to USB.

I don’t think there is anyone here who doesn’t have a charger, but muggles are far less likely to have them, particularly li-ion so placing USB charge ports on flashlights could/should make them more popular.

Indeed, I would love to see it too. :slight_smile:

Hopefully we won’t see a 4th camping season shot to hell without the BLF Lantern