Win a Mini Aspheric Thrower & Battery

It’s still June and there’s still no better way to enjoy the summer than with a new flashlight!

The Contest:

Describe a budget flashlight of the future. Can be 5, 10, 100, 500 or any number of years from now. Please say when it will be available. Imagination counts, not the number of words.

The Rules:

1) You must be a BLF member, registered on or before June 1, 2012, from any country.
2) I will take the most creative answers (in my opinion) and randomly select a winner from them.
3) No more than three entries per person.
4) Contest closes at 9PM EST Wednesday, June 20th. Sometime today, Sunday June 17th, without warning!
The Prize:

An aspheric thrower, mounted on an Ultrafire WF-501B, and a Hi-Max 2600 mAH battery.

It will be P60 sized , focusable from a lazer type beam to 180 degree flood . Infinitely adjustable brightness .The light will be disposable , because the power supply will have a 10 year useable lifespan and therefore will not require user maintenance . The body of the flashlight will be self-healing , any scratches will disappear in hours . Waterproof to 100 meters . It will cost only two Credits .

Nice! And what year would we be able to order that?

At one point , men watched birds in flight and wished they could know what that felt like ...

In 200 years, people will able to replace their weak and vulnerable, body parts for strong and durable mechanical limbs. Basically, any part of the human body can be replaced by a mechanical counterpart. Everyone will have supercomputers installed in their brains in order to control these parts. By this time, technology would’ve advanced so much that these things are commonplace, thus, inexpensive. Moving on, the flashlight of the future will not be physically held by the human hand, nor mounted on headgear. Instead, they will be installed into mechanical eyes. This way, people will be able to see in the dark without carrying anything extra with them. There are different models that can be installed depending on the max view distance people would like, so by getting the better models, people will be able to illuminate a further distances. The top end models allow people to illuminate and see their surroundings in full spectrum.

In five years or less a flashlight with a camera intergrated in the reflector or close enough to take accurate photos of beamshots @ distance. This flashlight would also need an external light sensor built in and a way to save images. A micro SD slot comes to mind. We have some really good beamshots now , but this guy would be an all-in-one with the legoability to change out emmiters, drivers and reflectors on one unit.

Sad to say but in 100 years or less we will not need flashlights, we will be able to see perfectly in the dark through genetic manipulation or medical technology implanted inside the eye, we will be able to see in vivid color as if it were daylight and even have modes like heat imaging, ultraviolet, infrared, x-ray, and even laser.

Damn, I wish I could see that!


Entry Two:

A flashlight that instead of H/L/M or whatever modes when switched gives info the user needs…

example: Sports scores (mode 1), Trading info, buy sell hold info on whats in your portfolio (mode 2), Home monitoring: see your dog pee on the ground or your significant other cheating on you while you are at work ( mode 3).

Lets go 5 mode here…

Beer mode, this will enable to provide the user with fresh cold beer via a tube attachment with good beer at will (mode 4 ).

Online ordering mode: This mode will tell you if what you order from a China vendor will be what you actually ordered…
You tell me the sky is blue but when I look up it’s orange (mode 5)

This is in 10 years+ Who needs a smartphone!???

When the Zombie Apocalypse ravages the entire world economy in the next five years, survivors of the virus that turns people in to zombies won’t be able to find batteries for flashlights or even a flashlight worth putting batteries in. The flashlight of the future is going to be a “dynamo” light that a select few, the lucky ones, would have purchased from their local WalMart or It may make a lot of noise and give away your position to the zombies in hiding but at least you will have a light that works, even if you have to crank it all of the time.

After the zombies die out, the remaining ten or so people left on the planet will have located the warehouse and taken all of the hand crank lights. A small village will pop up next to the DX warehouses so the last inhabitants are never far from needed resources. At night, the faint whir of a hand cranked light fills the village while the last inhabitants gather to talk about their finds from the daily DX warehouse hikes.

Sadly, these people die out too. They eventually stab each other to death with unsharpened knives, found in the DX warehouse, because they were all driven insane by the sound of hand cranked flashlights being turned incessantly.

Here are some pics about the future.

(Not a real contest entry.)

In the Very Near Future, a flashlight evolves to a plain round orb, that projects different kinds of beams with different colors.
They are used by the force of will of the owner, they yield a high amount of energy and can convert it from plain water by rinsing it for couple of minutes.
However, this comes with price, only the wealthiest can afford these orbs, that can illuminate things just the way their owner wants.

Luckily, there is a budget option, which is as powerful, same size but A LOT cheaper.

Some slight differences appear in everyday use…
It has only 2 strobe modes, too slow and too fast and they are not controlled by mental commands but swearing loudly.
The orb is not shaped round, although it is of the same size. It is annoyingly a sharp edged cube due to the savings in manufacturing process.
It must be “fueled” up only when strobe mode is on and it cannot use regular water, urine has to be used instead.

Remember to be careful when charging up your sharp-edged strobing Orbs in dark lavatory - in the very near future…

Between 3 years will be discovered Synthetic Quartz “Tera”, a tiny quartz, suspended in a drop of jelly, is vibrated at 500Thz, and produce intense light with an efficiency of 98%, no warm up and can change color according to the frequency used.

In 10 years battery density improvements will mean flashlights will be something that some use just due to habit or for their quaintness but otherwise cell phones or similar portable devises will take the place of cell phones (much like watches for some people now).

Cell phones will be just as rugged as flashlights and will fit in the hand just as well and there will just be no need for separate flashlights.

In 100 years even cell phones as they exist today will be a thing of the past. Maybe we’ll be back to a Dick Tracy type of watch that is the communicator, camera, light, etc.

In 5 years most enthusiast flashlights will be variable ring for brightness/on/off and beams will be true variable focus going from a diffused wide beam to a focused spot using a secondary ring system.

What ever the time range the technology will be appropriate which is why many of the most creative solutions will not happen :slight_smile:

Refrigerators that can sense when you are out of milk and then automatically reorder it for you could exist today but they don’t because it’s not appropriate technology even though Bill Gates predicted it in one of his books.

The same will apply to flashlights.

Due to the advancement in leds and improved battery technology flashlights will become obsolete.
Your edc will be a ring on on one of your fingers (preferably middle) that will be operated by one touch on the lens. It will contain a very small battery and a xm-l sized led. It will have infinite brightness controlled by squeezing your hand tightly. It has memory and can be programmed to the users preferred settings. One touch could be high, medium,low or whatever you want. It will be around 4000 lumens. Particularly useful for gun use as when you are aiming at a target it will be lit up. It will be available by 2022.
A headband version will also be available. The battery will never need charging as it will be kinetically charged by body movement with a back up solar charge.

In less than six months, this planet will have a leap of consciousness, because there is an interconnection dimensional:
Genesis 1:4
And God saw the light, That it was good: and God Divided the Light from the darkness” and called “material” the physical universe, and called “dark substance” or “dark energy”, the spiritual universe.
At this universe is separated into two universes, the universe named “physical” and the universe named “spiritual”. They are apart in frequency but to occupy the examination time and examination location. Every 5150 years the two worlds intersect, and the one is seen at the other, then we will see the dead.
Say That They Are we will be resurrected, but They Are not raised, in fact Is that we will interact With Their universe. This happens every 5125 years.

After this event all over the world will have a new understanding of himself, we will explore other planets and the flashlight will be an indispensable tool for exploring planets far from their sun, the flashlights will have the quartz “Tera”, but also the light chemical element with Zarsio-2 (NA 168). A new fiber optic will be able to slow light (such as diamond) to 100,000 km/s, and we will have light dense able to run around objects.

100 years from now flashlights will use special light emitting diodes. Through the mini-computer implanted on your arm you can control the wavelength of the light it emits. Through this you can set it to emit anything from UV light to purify water, a laser, or even vary the tint of the light. It would automatically detect what you want through reading your mind. It could be as bright as a 100 watt short arc or as dim as one of the leds that puts out 69 picowatts of light. Anything from a 1 degree beam to 300 degrees lighting up the area behind the light. It can do that through the use of two aspheric lenses; one hovering over another. It would be powered by a miniature nuclear reactor built into the handle. This way the battery would never need to be replaced. It could also function as a laser weapon by turning it on high.

Thanks for another great give-away, TheShadow!!

Entry #1: Pure flood

Since I was a child I’ve had this idea in my head of the future light. Light without a blinding source that seems to come from no where and everywhere at the same time. Man will have learned from our E.T. brethren how to create a small light source that does not push light from a single small point but instead this device will gently excite certain molecules in the air using resonating frequencies causing them to generate a small amount of light. This resonation will pass from molecule to molecule in self generating fashion causing all the atmospheric molecules in a given radius to emit light. Once the device generating the frequencies is turned off the light will slowly fade and disappear in less than a second, instead of an instant as we are currently used to. The advantage of this is that since the light is generated from molecule to molecule there will be no shadows cast as the very atmosphere itself will generate the light.

Not only will all room lighting be accomplished by this method, we will have small personal devices we can carry that will replace flashlights as we know them. Due to the fact that power consumption by the device will be small compared to today’s method of blasting as many photons as possible from one point, it will not require a ridiculous battery size. They will make LED emitters look like incandescents in comparison.

In the future, law enforcement and the military will be using “dark lights”. Thanks to the creation of quantum computers, scientists will be able to design a portable light that can generate light cancelling, or neutralizing, frequencies using complex algorithms not possible before due to size limitations of standard computers. This new “dark light” will analyze the surrounding light and generate opposing frequencies that will cancel out the existing light within it’s beam. This will allow LEO and military to instantly surround criminals and enemies in pitch darkness in order to confuse and subdue them.

As the technology to produce these lights becomes affordable to the general public these “dark lights” will eventually be banned from use as they will be first used by stage magicians but then adopted by pranksters, criminals, and hooligans and used for creating havoc in public places. After a rash of deaths due to Honda driving “fast & furious” types installing the shadow lights to get even with other drivers that leave their high beams on, all use of darklights by the public sector will be outlawed. The UK will have been the first to ban the darklights of course, decades before any other countries, after the infamous “toe stubbing” incident at a Manchester United game.

The fl of the future will be called the one light. powered by a nuclear battery with unlimited shelf life, no recharging needed. nano technology will provide the source of illumination for multiple light types, configurations, with variable levels of light output and modes of operations. the light will be controlled by voice commands or an optional telepathic module for non verbal communications. It will also be have defensive capabilities in the military version such as laser kill, burn and stun, non lethal strobe stun.

and it can also be used as a remote and be sold by dx and dino d, lol

In 15 years CREE will produce a new LED capable of bring 15000 Lumens with a die size of 1.5x1.5mm, with an efficiency of 1500 Lumens per watt, so we can chose a handled mini thrower or a bit bigger multi LED for extreme power. Batteries will be still Lithium based but with a bigger energy density, a 18650 will reach up to 8500mAh; and the 26650 size, up to 15000mAh.