I was looking for some flashlights and I’ve found this site/vendor that I have never heard of before.
Prices seems very low and they have some AW IMR cells but I didn’t seen shipping prices.
Have any of you orderd something from them? Customer Service experience?


You can’t order like on regular store. You pace an order and they “will contact you as soon as possible”. Something fishy here.

sounds like a hot fart…

Jeah… prices looks too good to be true. Waiting for someone with experience with them, if such man exist.

Prices might not include shipping.

Google Earth doesn’t play nice with their address. Oh well. Was worth trying.

Your shopping cart is no commodity!

Anyone have any new input on this website? Prices are looking good, (not sure if shipping is added though)

I’m wondering if this is the “official” company site for the Windyfire brand batteries?

I see Richard/Mtn sells their IMR 14500 and its reported to be a good cell.

I believe this is the “official” website. Shipping is definitely not included and is comparatively expensive for small quantities. They are set-up as a bulk distributor.

I ordered 3pcs 14500 650mah batteries for $ 5.7, shipping was $ 5,35 with Sweden Post. Very good response via e-mail, and you can pay with Paypal.
So far it has been a good experience, I will update when they arrive.

I can only confirm this, shipping is excluded, however they contact you fast and responding to emails and requests fast. 4pcs of 14500 hi drain windyfires arrived in very good shape, after sales support is excellent. You can give it a try.

I tried to order a couple of IMR 14500 cells. They emailed me and told me it would be better for me to buy from Mtn Electronics as Richard is the US distributor and shipping would be faster and cheaper to get it from him. This is a legit site, but they are not setup for standard retail orders. I was happy to deal with Richard and received my cells quickly.

Just got a message from vendor rep that they are in the testing phase of a new 26650 5000mAh battery. According to their engineer the continuous discharge rate will be 30 Amps. I will share the details once I know more.

If you are in the USA I have a group buy going right now with 20% off ANY cells ANY size ANY brand site wide, with a minimum of 4 cells ordered. It is not restricted to the US but shipping is pretty high unless you getting a bulk order outside the US.

Thanks Robo, but I am located in the EU and had hard times finding the right batteries here that’s how I came to as a solution.

I can recommend Windyfire.
I did an order for some batteries and got an offer on shipping costs the next day from Linda.
Unfortunately the shipping costs to Germany would have doubled the battery price on one hand, one the other it was going to put me into custom trouble. So I canceled.

Independently, the service was very good !

It’s worth noting that they might have more shipping options than they always quote. When I spoke to them via email previously I expressed that the shipping was more than I wanted to pay, so the rep emailed back with two more quotes from cheaper (slower) services as well.