Winter weather headed our way...

With the prospect of lots of snow, some ice and high winds in central IL… I am getting everything ready! Topped of the LT1, SP36 BLF, one Q8, D4Sv2, E07 and my EDC. If we do have a power loss, a lantern style light for any room we might need. No generator or fireplace, so no heat. Last time we had one of these roll thru I had to drain down the house water lines and we did not have power for almost 3 days.

I really hate winter and snow. As a kid in the 70’s and early 80’s on a farm, we fought with the crap all of the time and it just killed the idea of any kind of winter fun for me.

I hope you stay warm.

My trick is boiled water in a Nalgene bottle… under a coat, or even in bed, if there is no other heat source.

Im looking forward to the snow… a chance to go Sliding :wink:

I use one of these Silicone Flasks to hold Hot tea in my ski jacket pocket.

I have a ski jacket for when it gets cold here.

Bear in mind that the coldest it gets here is about 25° F.

I don't know if my ski jacket would be warm enough for Illinois.

When I was in northern Utah, for two semesters of college, I had a goose down jacket that kept me warm even while wearing a T-shirt underneath.

Like a Big Buddy propane heater. Safe for indoors……

This is what shows up at that link

Dyna-Glo 18000-BTU Propane Grab-N-Go XL Portable Heater
About this product:
Fueled by Two 1-lb. LP tank
Swivel Valve
Piezo Ignition
Oxygen Depletion Sensor
Safetey Tip Switch

Wow, that would be very expensive to use if it is hooked to 1 pound cylinders which sell for around $5 a pair at Walmart. I also would insist on having a CO detector in the room where you use it so you don’t end up getting carbon monoxide poisoning. Anything that is not exhausted to the outside would be off my list.

You have my sympathy. This quote about winter in Wisconsin appeared in the latest edition of Badger Insider for alumni of UW Madison: Officially, Wisconsin’s motto is “Forward”; unofficially, the motto is “Winter: the Finest Nine Months of the Year.”

I do have a couple of 20 pounders with IR heaters on them… gotta keep them around. Looks like real temps will go to –5 or –6 F, so with wind… maybe –15 to –25.

I've got 10 fully charged 18650s and 6 21700s on standby. SP36 Pro with diffuser is my lantern.

Have a fireplace, but not much to burn since we don't use it often.

I’ve actually been enjoying the snow some this year. Couple of times I got out on my X-Country skis and skied down the streets and alleys to the park along the Mississippi. Beautiful and good exercise. Have good warm gear for the dog walks and skiing keeps me warm with far less gear :wink: This time of year, unless it is windy, nothing above zero F bothers me. Amazing how I adapt. Adaptation and layers that is :wink:

Adapting is not the issue, I am an old farm kid. But, between some frostbite 40 years ago and several bone injuries over the years… the cold really makes me hurt! Even when I was young, snow was not a recreational situation… always meant to much work with livestock and other things.

I love hunting, layers are my friend but once my fingers or toes get numb… I am done can’t concentrate on anything from that point on. Not sure what your part of the country looks like, but here there are very few trees and the glacier took care of all the hills… when the wind starts, it just never stops!

Take care mattlward. Keep us updated as you feel.

I heat with wood so I wont be cold. I have a propane generator and 500 gallons of propane left in the tank for if the power goes out for long. I have lights and batteries ready to go but my luck the power will be out during the day. It always happens that way.

I dont mind the cold. We’ve only had one good snow so far and we had covid so I couldn’t take the kids out too much. Now it’ll be too deep for the utv so I probably still wont be able to pull the kids in the sled. I use a big ice fishing sled behind a Kawasaki mule but it’ll only go through about 8 inches. Especially with all five kids in the sled.

I understand the wind! Can’t stand the wind when it is cold out either. I vaguely remember winter and livestock. (Really hated putting the chains on the tractor!) Fortunate to live in the city now. Old neighborhood with trees and close houses therefore much less wind. Have one finger that is particularly sensitive due to an injury while working on a livestock building many years ago. I feel for you! When that gets cold the pain does indeed take over. Fortunate to have stumbled on the best gloves I’ve ever had this year and of course when really cold I get out the choppers. Fortunate also to have a pair of surplus fireman’s pants from Bristol UK. The Nomex makes an excellent outer layer. New Kamuk boots and I’m pretty much always comfy unless the wind is really strong or it gets down below minus 20 F.