Anybody have experience ordering from them?

Not worth browsing. Aliexpress is cheaper for the most part, and it’s all the same stuff from China.

My sister likes wish.com, but I've never used it.

The site doesn't appeal to me.

Only bought a UV flashlight once, but my opinion is in line with the above. I don’t find it to be so organized and well described/reliable, if compared with others.
My brother likes to shop there. I prefer AliExpress which is my fav one :+1:

Wish.com is preferred by “general population Swedes” (not “flashlight Swedes”) because they take care of the import fee that Swedish post office adds. I don’t know how they handle that, higher price with taxes added or maybe EU warehouse (don’t know, don’t care) but it’s handy because we otherwise have to pay it and deal with the added delays when ordering from most other sites including AliExpress.

I ordered some of that cheapo solder paste from them, if I remember correctly the price was about the same as other places and I didn’t have to pay that import fee.

Imo it’s cheaper products and more issues , that cost more than Ali. We stopped using it after my better half and I tried it.

Here's an older thread about wish.com


If I want something directly from China, I use AliExpress or eBay, or one of the popular Chinese web shops.

one thing they do a lot is, sell [probably illegal] clones, copies, fakes, whatever

price will be low

the pictures will be amazingly good

because frequently they are not pictures of what you will get, but the thing they are trying to copy

you will get something like it, but not what you thought

another thing many sites do is list very low prices, which are not true

usually it is because the ad sells several ‘versions’ of the product, one of which is a cardboard box for 53 cents or whatever

the actual thing will be $20, anything