Wish i hadn't joined this forum ................

............. only wanted advice on my solarforce L2's - now i seem to be dragged into the light lol.

Seen so many reviews on cracking lamps ... i want them all!

Bugger ... this is going to work out expensive - thanks a lot Tongue Out

Hi Dave

Welcome to the very well-illuminated ranks of the bankrupt!

At least the company is pretty good.

I sometimes think that the reason the Chinese economy is booming is all down to BLF'ers buying lights.

Never was so much spent on so many by so few...............lol

It is a insidious vice... lol ^^

I wish my wife hadn't found my stash of lights. She gets more deliveries than I do now. She even suggested I look on Alibaba. WTF! Its very sad when you get a knock at the door and the parcel is not yours.


Double LOL :bigsmile: Nice one, edc :bigsmile: LOL, can't stop laughing :bigsmile:

You've gotta be sensible about this. Limit yourself to ONE purchase a month with a maximum of say... $30.

That's what I promised myself a year ago.

HaHaHaHaHa !!!!!

(didn't quite work out that way)Tongue Out

as much fun as this all is, some of us feel that same regret every day Laughing


That cracked me up.

And welcome Dave-H. We've all been there.

Yeah, but she'll feel the same pain when she gets your parcels...

It's sad when couples start to hurt each other. That being said, Dr. Love has a solution!

Next time a parcel arrives for her, OPEN IT. If you like what you see, go online, buy an identical item, and have it shipped to her under a slightly different name (to prevent cycles). Suzy Q. Edc won't ever receive another package, but Suzy R. Edc will (2-3 weeks later)!

(Note: you should stock up on kraft paper and yellow envelopes to rewrap those items you don't want)

End result? Happy Mr. Edc, Happy Mrs. Edc (if slightly pissed about international delivery times)

Ahhh, now I understand devman stands for Devious!Wink Gottaloveit!