Wishful thinking for a new multi-emitter setup (like Acebeam X65)

Dear all,

Ever since Acebeam released their X65 I always read about its great performance, both in terms of flood and throw. This nice device puts a swath of light in front of you and has in my humble opinion - apart from its heavy weight and huge size - the best versatility when using it in different scenarios.

So, I'm wondering why there is no real competitor for the X65 and its specs. For almost any flashlight there's an alternative but I do not see a lot of multi-emitter lights out there. Apart from the ThruNite TN40(S), using XP-L Hi only, and the Fenix RC40, using XM-L2 only, I did not find anything that could at least compare a bit with the Acebeam X65. Lately, I suggested to Sofirn to pick up the thought of a new searchlight as they were asking for ideas how their new project SP70 could look like. Unfortunately, my ideas were a bit misplaced as the SP70 turns out to be a whole different concept (like the Convoy L6).

So, am I the only one looking for a good and more budget-friendly alternative to the X65 with its specific beam pattern?

My basic ideas would look like this:

  • 5x XHP35 Hi Quintuple Reflector
  • 8.000 – 12.000 lumens, depending on LED binning and current regulation
  • highly efficient boost/buck driver to maintain constant output with decreasing voltage
  • factory-bypassed springs or better double-springs
  • 8× 18650 or 6× 21700 (no built-in battery pack!)
  • Optional short tube (4× 18650 or 3× 21700)
  • Ramping UI and Firmware like NarsilM, Andùril for optimal customization

I would like to see a cheaper alternative to Acebeam too. Would be nice if it uses the new XHP35.2 HI. Maybe Fireflies and Lexel can team up to make one.

Great idea SKV89. Maybe Sofirn might be interested for they are very innovative and open-minded for new ideas. Of course, this would not be a budget light but I could imagine it’s feasible to develop something like the X65 for less than $ 350,- with a better driver and more flexibility concerning battery options.

Sofirn is very open minded but they seem to have their hands busy on too many things already to invest time and money on such an expensive project. I would buy one at $350 but if they release a budget version for $300, yet having the same or better specs than the X65, I think there will be pretty good demand.