With a Kershaw Cryo for less that $22 shipped, it may be time to get your budget Hinderer. Just saying.

I was just alerted to this deal by FortySix&2 over at EDCF. The rub is you have to buy two and use your Discover card. One day shipping included. My total was $43.90. I don’t even like Kershaws, frame locks, 8Cr13MoV blade steel, or budget knives generally, but thais deal is pretty hard to beat. For whatever it is worth, some big name YTers gave it positive reviews.

I’m sure it is a limited time thing, so…

of course if you have amazon prime you can get it for the same with free rwo day shipping. if no amazon prime but have a discover card you can get free overnight shipping.

i am a fan of kershaw and this knife looks to be a real deal.


Brawler pak that included a cool tacticool pen, and a sh*tty but functional better-finished 9-led flashlight than those HF freebies all for $20 during BF. Bought one, then liked the blade/speed-safe/pen enough that I bought a ‘few’ more. :open_mouth: Every one of the knives I got works the same quality-wise as do the pens. Impressive. Converted the pen’s ball-point into a genuine Parker medium-point gel transforming it into a real smooth writer.

Now that was a deal.

The Brawler may not have a metal handle but it does everything else pretty dang good I must say.
I’m not a big fan of metal handles with what essentially are fightin’ knives. Those things get ‘wet’ and you could have one h*ll of a time workin’ it if the dire occasion should materialize. Ya need ‘purchase’ on handles. Especially fightin’ handles. These look too ‘slick’ to me. Prettier but not necessarily better if ya grok it through IMO.

`that could be an important factor if the intended use was for fighting. i have been known to carry tactical knives with no real expectation of combat use. i also tend to rotate thru my knives except when at work. always looking for the perfect match. if i were anticipating leo or military 11bravo type carry i would be spending a lot more than $30 on my knife. :slight_smile:


id imagine 99% of people buying these tactical knives, wont ever use them in a tactical manner.
that being said, i usually get a new edc knife once a year or so. my current is a kershaw skyline1760 (also keep a leatherman ps4 on me). i personally like kershaw a lot. good knives for the price compared to some other more expensive brands. plus, they use a really good steel for the blades in their price range

mine keeps breaking the torsion bar more then any other assisted knives ive owned

On the whole, I like Kershaw knives. Always sharp out of the box in my experience, and never had one that came to me with any obvious faults. More than I can say for some other brands.

I do have one of the original titanium handled Bumps, and that has a habit of bending the torsion bar and loosing the force to fully open, but with several different Speedsafe knives, of several different sizes and generations, it’s the only that has given me that problem, but perhaps I have been lucky in that respect.

I do like the look of the Cryo overall, but wish it were a little larger.

since my workplace does not allow weapons and is very sensitive to that issue i have carried a rainbow leek for many years as an edc work knife. :slight_smile: I also carry a rainbow schrade pen/kubotan at work and the folks there are always complimenting me on “what a pretty pen you have.” currently for after hours i am carrying my small sebenza. oops, sorry to hijack this thread, back on topic, this is a very good price for that knife. i agree that i would like to see the blade length a little longer but if unobtrusive is your ticket this should serve.


they are coming out with a larger version soon

Thanks for the info - I’ll have to keep an eye open for that.


The Cryo II.

I like the look of the Cryo…but did not like the weight of it.

Did Nutnfancy fancy move to Florida? :stuck_out_tongue:

Truthfully, it is a little portly, but nothing is perfect. The bigger one you linked to is more my speed, but I bet it weighs a pretty penny too. Then again, so do I.

Wow, That Kershaw Cryo II looks great, and 5.375 ounces works for me!


After carrying my Skeletool(8oz?) in my pocket…weight did become something I look at. My RJ II is half the weight of the Cryo.

Kershaw makes awesome knives. I have a blur tanto blade in black and one in red. The red one stays in my sock drawer because its too damn pretty to use!