With the morning sun ( some early morning macro shots )

8) Nice!

Nice indeed! Good work! Thanks for sharing, makes me want to get up at 4AM and get out there, uh, wellll. :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed!

Glad the mosquitoes aren’t that big down there! Them flies are huge, unless these were all shot up close……

Seriously beautiful pictures, thank you for them, and looking forward to more!

Awesome pictures. One day I’ll get setup for these. I have a macro, but need to figure out the converters to get closer.

Very nice macro

Thanks guys , glad you like'em ...

Spring is here with a vengeance , so hopefully a million more opportunities await

Excellent photos as always! :)

Wow, as usual incredible shots sir!

Seriously nice work there!

Great Shots ! Love to look at your pics.... Thanks!

Do you know what really bugs me ?

Bugs ?

Excellent close up photos.

Just wondering… Do you have a special interest with flies? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great shots! :slight_smile:

Nice! Thanks for posting some macroshots again, I always enjoy them :-)

Likewise except when there spiders.

No , no special interest .

Im a photographer of opportunity .

If there were 100 subjects to Macro Photograph , I would take 2 or 3 hundred pictures ..

Early in the morning the flies like to sun themselves after a relatively cool night . So they are more likely to hang around for a picture .

I have a fondness for jumping spiders . ( pictured )

That fly needs a hair cut! Stunning images. !!!! To say the least.