Withdrawn - Scallywag's Build Thread - 10th Annual Old Lumens Challenge

EDIT: It looks like I will not be competing this year. Between time and budget I will not be able to make anything happen. Maybe next year.

Hi, this is my build thread. More to come, I hope.

I’ll be entering in the hand-made category.
The plan is for SFT40 build, 10158 Carclo optic, and something kinda-sorta like a “Armee-Taschenlampe”. Like a Rovyvon Angel Eyes E300s, but with some throw (hopefully).
Looks like I’m doing a Convoy 8A driver. I have some ideas but no sketches yet.

All pictures will be clickable for full-size images.


Great to see you here; looking forward to following whatever you decide on.

I hope you’ll be able to enter this year :slight_smile:
Your wooden beauties are always a treat.

Can’t wait to see your build, Scallywag. Good luck!

Some stuff gathered together. Not enough to start yet. Not all of it will get used and some is leftover from last year or other projects.

Two of the carclo optics, some SFT40s, some Convoy 8A drivers, some cell carriers, square aluminum tube (20mm), some heatsink options, copper sheet, copper discs…

Sorry to see you having trouble to complete your build this year.
I am also only started building few days ago and still have hope to finish it on time, maybe try to do something less complicated