Woohoo received my Panasonic 3400 protected cells today - Length vs. trustfire red / trustfire flame.

I ordered 4 Panny cells just before the group buy and already received them! I ordered 4 more during the group buy too and they are in route.

The packaging was creative and worked really well. WB used 2 silicone iPhone 5 cases and put the 2 cells in between and then taped it like a sandwich. So in my envelope I received 4 cells and 4 iphone cases, which I will give to friends.

I had no idea that the panny cells were so long, I thought my trustfire protected flames were long but these were even longer. I tried them in the UV-S5 (King clone) and they fit hopefully they will in the warrior also since this is why I ordered them!

protected 18650’s
Ultrafire 65.532mm
Trustfire 68.732mm
Panasonic 69.976mm

These are +/- a tiny bit I have a cheap digital caliper!

PS Ordered them on 7/29 and received them on 8/9 here in Florida.

Yeah, I got a pair of red-orange cases with my cells…lol.

:bigsmile: They like you more then me, I got 3 pink and 1 white!! LOL

Are you sure your Utrafire is protected? Looks to me like a 1 dollar fake.
There is written on
“Rechargeable Battery With
RE/Discharging Protection Circuit”

but there is no protection circuit

and the Panasonic fit easy in the warrior

I have no idea if it’s fake, probably is. I bought some from Amazon and DX when I 1st got into flashlights.

Yes. The Panasonic 18650B 3400 protected fit in the Warrior with no problem.

Good job putting electrical tape on there. I made the extremely stupid, idiotic mistake of using my digital caliper to measure a fully charged Sony US18650VTC3 30 amp IMR without tape. Needless to say, the battery spot welded itself to the caliper and both the caliper and the battery instantly got massively hot. Sometimes, you just have to learn things the hard way…

Thanks for the confirmation on the Panasonics fitting the Warior, soon my other shipment will be here and I will install them!

Yep, I put that tape on the caliper and just leave it on full time! Otherwise I will forget and end up doing some welding like you did oRAirwolf! I have read about a few that have done that same thing and it scared the crap out of me!

I like the protected 3400s but they only fit a few of my lights. It’s really nice for the ones they do fit, though.

I gave my brother in law 3 Panasonic 3400 mah protecteds and 3 C8s to use oon his vehicle inspection about 31/2 months ago admittedly he doesn't use it everyday but he told me today he is still using the. 1st battery and hasn't charges it or switches out to any if the other ones.

Nice!! I am excited to be getting decent cells! The “Flames” have been pretty good to me but the red Ultrafires have been “UltraJunk” some were DOA others drain down to around 2.8v just sitting, etc. >)

Never again will I buy the evil red batteries. I wish I had been a member here before I bought them because I would have known better! :beer:

I have been considering throwing away my Trustfires…I have good cells from other manufacturers for all of my lights and the Trustfires just collect dust. I don’t “Trust” them at all lol

That’s how I started out too. I realized something was up for certain when I got another order of “Ultrafires” that were longer and the color was more of a pink-red and started to research. Luckily I was able to return most of them once I found they were max 1/2 the capacity they claimed, some didnt even work.