World Record!

I ordered the L2T and L2P from Solarforce-sales last Thursday my time, it shipped Friday HK time, and it has now arrived today (Friday my time)! That's now the quickest delivery I've received from HK.

Too bad customs had to prolong my previous order with Solarforce-sales otherwise I might have a good track record with them. They informed me that order was shipped immediately as well. I'll have to stop by the post office later to pick it up because I wasn't home when the mailman (mail person?) stopped here. Hopefully everything is all in good order :)

You know out of all the lights I have so far I must say that Solarforce has had the best overall machining, looks and quality.

And now you know why they are loved dearly by budget light enthusiasts (mainly Foy) ;)

Nicely done on that shipping time! I just recieved a light I ordered 9 business days ago from ebay. Perhaps someone is getting their shit together because those are some impressive shipping times from HK.

I don't know what sort of arrangement Solarforce-sales have with Hong Kong Post but they mostly consistently get stuff to me faster than anyone else from HK manages.

They have had a couple of blips (As in DX delivery times) but in the vast majority of my orders from them they get stuff to me faster than anyone else in HK can manage.

That's nothing. I ordered headphones friday afternoon from Japan and was expecting to have them in 7-10 days. Needles to say I was a little bit shocked when postman rang my doorbell around 2 PM on monday !

i averaged 7 working days from HK, but i have been waiting for 15 days now already for my DRY driver :(

HA! I won't be able to pick them up until Monday now because the mail PERSON hasn't returned to the sorting facility yet and I won't be able to get away from work until after they're closed :(

Record time just had to fall on a Friday! Solarforce-sales requires a signature while KD, MF and others do not. That's fine, since I value their stuff more than the others. haha

I gotta say too; my last Solarforce-sales order came in record time - 10 days. Not bad for $2 shipping. I hope the order I made on Monday comes as fast . . . couple of very special lights on that order.


I think it has to do with the polar shift

That's saying something, judging from your collection.

For my second Torch, I'm thinking of the Solarforce L2T - the one for under 30 dollars, has long runtimes on medium and no strobes and looks beautiful.

So this one is hard to beat then ?