Worlds Most Powerful Flashlight? – Take-2

Matt, at Adventure Sports, is the new Spokes-Model/Mascot

I managed to capture a few of the youtube ad videos that play before what you actually want to watch.
These, as we know, are all fakes.
Many feature Matt from Adventure Sports.
I put together a video with some of the footage, with my comments and a few other clips added in.
About 10 minutes long. Just for fun….


If you want to see a review of a light like this, check out:

All the Best,

It’s been to space and back,
Survived 111,000ft. fall,
and best of all…
It Cooks Eggs!

Hey Jeff nice find ! I recall every clip and creator the “demonstration” shots came from its hilarious at how blatant they rip off creators to market a trash product, hopefully youtube removes these ads from playing on any video.

Nice work :slight_smile: It’s getting to were you cant even exaggerate how much these guys exaggerate……. I have a little video of my own going about this very thing…. Should be going up next week, it will be LOL!

Thanks for sharing!

I just re-watched the video on the youtube site.
Guess what ad played before my video started…
The one for the second bogus flashlight.
There is karma in the world.
All the Best,

So many new entrants claiming that This New flashlight makes all others obsolete. "All other flashlights are unfit for survival!"

How to tell if a new entrant is irritating and/or laughable junk? Or if a new item that is ok/fine/renders all other flashlights useless for survival?

The item that I saw is solar charging, arc fire starting and hardened metal glass shattering. My pessimistic optimist says its junk, but my optimistic pessimist says its great. One way of telling: Wait for someone else to say, before buying. But who's to say? One mans' trash is another mans' treasure.

My guess is that it is ultimately up to the individual buyer to decide on his personal opinion to set and modify his standard for boutique class, high quality, medium quality, medium budget quality, entry level budget quality, just plain avoid and just plain junk/scam.

Can a new entrant that looks like useless junk be the next new budget quality item?

Unless it can act as a “brick smaher” and “glass broker”, it’s garbage.

Ha! Found it…

Only Mild Wear!!!

I wonder, does it include a Whiffle Ball?

Or just, perhaps, a Whiffle Brick!

I had a Glass Broker once, but I found him to be too fragile.

Every time he made a deal, he went all to pieces.

All the Best,


Lightbringer, alumium is that some sort of new material ?

Absolutely. It’s tactical space-age aircraft-grade super-metal as seen on Star Track and endorsed by a FMR fighter-pilot.

Nah, i still prefer adamantium

So does he…

Here is my 2 cents on the subject :slight_smile: