Worst light ever! Buyer beware Brett Store Aliexpress

Hey lads so this is a story of a light that i bought a few months ago i made the order just before Chinese new year. I had seen a similar light around here a few years ago bought by a few members so figured i would buy one of these lights seeing as i am after a little thrower or some thing to mod. I was not expecting excellent quality! I was expecting a light i can actually use and mod. This light i can neither.

I got a piece of garbage!

I have not bought many lights as i can’t justify spending the money right now when i have so many lights and other bills to pay so this probably made me a little more angry as i was look forward to modding the light.

I will upload the photos i sent them (Brett store) and Aliexpress. Some people may not side with me because i am being some what picky in some situations in the pics but keep in mind the light was like 25 USD or 30 AUD. I take some blame for buying the light from an unknown seller but i expect better customer service from Aliexpress.

This is the store in question and the light in question.

The lens is way to small look at the gaps on the sides

So in the end i ended up getting back about $14 Aussie dollar roos from the almost $30 i paid. Aliexpress said to send the item back when i asked for shipping reimbursement i got nothing so no point of me sending the light back?
They just processed the partial refund stating not enough evidence? I will probably do a credit card charge back to get the rest of the money but that will likely see me banned from Aliexpress. Also i don’t have an option for use PayPal on Aliexpress seems to be a USA and Europe thing?

Yep you got yourself a pretty shoddy light there. I wouldn’t be happy and would want a refund also

The scratches and chips are one thing, but a jagged hole down the side of the battery tube? Yeesh.

Can’t understand why they wouldn’t have just scrapped a part like that, there’s no way anyone would accept it.

Looks like they build this light with parts that did not pass QC elsewhere. Which is not necissarily bad if you are talking about beauty pageants, but can be a disaster when you are talking about flashlights.

QC had the day of lol

The QC department worker of the month lol

I fixed up the pics i am still getting use to using Google photos.

You can get 35 cents a pound for the scrap aluminum.

A hole in a flashlight where it does not belong is really a big flaw. :confounded: You could try to close it with JB Weld. You just need to replace the lens and the led and it will be good again, right? Generally do not expect anything from this lights so if they arrive you will be surprised how good they are! :wink:

PayPal purchase?
I refuse to do business with any Chinese vendor that does not accept PayPal. Aliexpress buyer guarantee is absolute garbage. You can provide limitless clear documentation in video and still pictures and they will not side with you.

Thanks for the heads up Chris.

Other than the cosmetic blemishes, how was the beam? :stuck_out_tongue: