Worst lights ever made

What lights do you have that you hope you never drop ....?

WHY..??..... Because they aren't worth the effort to bend down and pick them up.

What lights do you own... that you hope someone will borrow and not return ?

lights you wish you never bought

Ok guys .... list the stinkers

Lights you wish you left in your ex-wifes car.

ZY-A22 Small sun 18650 flood to throw

Aluminum threads on the tail are like butter ..you can just pull the tail cap straight off ..horrible light

Run don't walk

Pretty funny post...LOL...

id have to say the 1xAAA mdx3 (IIRC its name) light from ebay. Omg, pretty crappy. output around 3-4 lumens i'd say at most. Heh, for the price I paid, not worth it!! (About $3) Made of aluminium tho I think.

1. The same light Boaz "loves"... My kids disappeared mine for a couple of weeks and I was only worried about the blue trustfire that was in it. It is my first and only "gravity activated" Flood-to-throw flashlight...

2. Blackcats... I purchased four, one is very dim, one is working only after I hit it and the other two are still unused, who knows what their traits are...

3. The UltraOK "magnetic ring" 18650 light. It doesn't turn on if ring is on low (or high, I don't remember), it blinks and shuts itself down after 2-3 mins on high and now, the modes are "moved" outside the click positions... If I had a gun, I would shoot it!

4. A WF-501b MCE from DX... Body is sh!t (and came scratched). Dropin is sh!t, beam color it is not exactly green, it has a strange "puke" color... The led is off-center and this translates to a nice donut-hole beam and after a couple of minutes on high, it does not change modes if I don't let it cool first...

I can guarantee that that light is extreme garbage. I still have it and my wife uses it for cosmetical reasons in bathroom. One time she asked: Dear, if accidentally drop or damage it will you be mad? No dear, as soon it stops working it will go to the flashlights graveyard for sure (trashcan).

Anyway the 1st class POS award goes to:

smiling shark SS-004

Extremely cute but the cuteness is easily beaten by disgusting internals (not all is bad) and badly tought battery compartment.

I managed to mod it into something usefull (it's a twisty now) and works. Very cute, floody but in stock form is trashy and very unreliable!

It's really a beauty and a beast in the same time.

Don't buy! Ever!


99 cent Home depot 1xAA - looks sort of like a C3. I have never seen a (single mode) light, of any kind, that is dimmer. I can't seem to go to the dollar store w/o buying one of the little 5mm emitter watch battery clip lights and they are about 3x as bright.

Normally I don't mind paying $1 for an aluminum light...you at least get an o-ring, switch, reflector, or whatever out of it (and I like to make/mod) but this light is so ridiculously dim that, some day, I will crush it in my vise.

the free 8$ light from DD..literally 12 seconds and it's done lmao..why even bother producing and shipping such a light?

Of all the lights I have owned, this one is the worst by far:


The stainless steel C3 has been a big disappointment to me. I have two of them, one always needs to be adjusted to get it to work, the other has the worlds weakest AA beam. Nice size, and they look cool, but I never use them. I should have just bought one more Jetbeam or nice AA light and not ordered those.

x2000 4 me\. using it in a crawl space. had it on for 10 mins then i dropped. led fell off star. uses air gap for cooling, no metal pill contact.

I totally forgot this:

After many tries to charge it under sunlight, it finally found its place inside my garbage bin... I, once, left it for two days outside during this summer and after that it gave me 1 lumen for 10 seconds... A match will produce more lumens for more time...

The Skyray S-A1 is the first light that comes to my mind. Strange pick, I know. I got it because my Skyray S-R5 was my most used light at the time and everybody on the DX forums seemed to like them. One of the people at DX who I was in regular contact with, gave me a heads up that the new batch they were about to get wasn't going to be as good, so I ordered three.

Not a good move, as I suspect all three actually came from the new batch. None of those ever actually worked right: fully charged 14500s, which is what I use almost exclusively in my EDC lights, would fry the step up converter and/or driver. Reliability was crap. I'd turn it off after having used it for a few seconds and it would refuse to turn back on. And since I never liked it to begin with, I never bothered to actually spend time to try and fix it. At the same time, those lights simply refused to die. One time, we dropped a S-A1 onto concrete from a helicopter and it turned on no problem. But it would refuse to turn on or switch modes or quit on me with no provocation whatsoever.

Sipik SK78 and the X2000 flood-to-throw. Just cheaply made POS.
The SK78 has two metal screws holding the tailcap switch in and are only screwed in half-way and that’s as far as they will screw it. As someone else mentioned for another light…gravity will activate the zoom.
A 14500 burned the emitter out on arrival. The X2000 is just ugly, cheaply made and quite working after a mild bump.
The Akoray K-109 non-programmable version is dim in comparison to the programmable version and is less well built as well.
Non of them work at this point although I’ve helped some of them get to that state.

Dino Dung free light. lol I actually saw someone selling them and they were $2.00 something. A match burns for longer than that POS.

I think the worst I've ever bought was a Home Depot $1 single AA special that I bought around this time last year as stocking stuffers for the kids. Ended up being the worse money I ever spent on lights.

Without doubt my trustfire xp-ef23. I got it for my wife and she maybe used it two times for a few seconds each time. The light just up and quit working for some reason.
It was like $15 as well so it wasn’t that cheap. I thought it was the led but I could get it to flash once in a while when pressing the switch so the led was good. I tried the paper clip trick but no joy.
I have no idea what is wrong with it but it is not just a parts light I guess. I need to group my lights that I don’t want or don’t work and sell them all in one lot to someone how liked working on them. I have like 5 lights that don’t work or I don’t like that I need to find another home for.

This one, so much. A paper thin aluminium tube holding the lens over a generic 5mm LED, surrounding a flimsy plastic body. The battery tube is something like 13mm so there's another flimsy spacer to hold the battery in. Entire tailcap is plastic.

Other terrible lights include anything with a low quality 3xAAA carrier, the MXDL '3W' twisty with a floating plastic pill. Even 10 pack keychain LEDs are better than these ones.

Let us not forget the infamous Maglight Solitaire ...

My C3 also needed some serious beating, disassembly and modding to R5 to get it even going somewhat rather reliably without flickering...

Price no1 still goes to:

Sabrewolf modded 123-mini-EDC (SST-90)

Paid too much (lord knows why) for it, waited some months, got it, tested, tested later again -> broken. Send it back, wait for months again.

It was more than half a year after sending money when I finally got it in my hand, working.

The light that's better at battery storage than illumination !

It spawned the famous quote: "I've seen matches burn brighter, and longer !"