Worst typhoon of the year, think im more prepared this time

Raining really hard these past few days here in the Philippines and flood has entered our house and now we dont have electricity for 7 hours already.
I live with my Father and brothers( total household of 7) and i know i have to prepare for times like this for all of us.
Already burned down 2x18650, 4xAA, 2xAAA.
Good thing im really prepared as compared to last year where in have to really use wisely my limited batteries, This year got several good deals on batteries and lights posted by great members here. Im confident my collection of lights, batteries and other survival/emergency stuffs will hold on till the typhoon is over.

Several of my lights are scattered around the house as its getting dark at this moment. And also made sure everybody has a light on their possesion.
Currently using a Fenix HL21 with nw xml emitter, solarforce l2t with xpg2 on noctigon and qlite driver. My Uniquefire UF-T20 with xpg2 nw and Small Sun ZY-T08 (xpg2 nw on noctigon)is my standby throwers.

Got several other lights on standby, hopefully my powerbanks and batteries will hold till electricity is restored. My buying spree has burned down my flashlight budget for the whole year or two but I think its now paying off.
Thanks Everyone.

Hope you stay safe and Good Luck!!!
Keep us posted if you can.
After this you will be able to write a guide for all of us

Stay safe!.............and dry if at all possible!

Hang in there!

stay safe and hang in there!

Pray that battery supplies last.

Best wishes for the safety of you and yours lan2381. And for everyone else in the Philippines too.

Thanks for the Best wishes Guys,
Luckily the heavy rains stopped and now the flood waters has subsided. Even got the electricity back in less than a day. I would say my battery supply was not even challenged.
Its better to be ready than sorry, still think my money is well spent, got a lot of praises from family members specially from my dad who have been complimenting my great hobby(good thing he doesnt know how much i spent on all my stuff) the whole day.

Key points learned

  1. Headlamps and multi mode lights is a must.
  2. Single mode lights with long runtime should be lent and use as house light, one of my multimode light was used on high, draining the battery early in the afternoon. Good thing i made several 350ma lights and lanterns powered by 18650 used around the house.
  3. Never really used my throwers, but its good as backup light in case long distance lighting is needed.
  4. AA and 18650 powered power Banks is great as I already got a lot of spare batteries from my lights.
  5. Low lumen lights like the E01 is great for bathroom lights or for when you just wanted to relax and do nothing.
  6. 30-60 lumen lights is enought for room lightning and my 120 lumens for bigger rooms, still this is more than needed, but thats why I have a lot of spare batteries.
  7. Need to get an emergency battery powered Tv (would like to have 7-10 inch ones) as my small radio is not enough to get you through the day. Still having a radio at least is a must in keeping you posted in the current situation.
  8. Even though it i was unable to use most of my survival gears its still good to know its there as you never know when a great disaster will strike(week long blackouts, floods etc)
    Overall glad im prepared, it made you feel secured and safe as you know you could go through any disaster to come, it even help you feel as if nothing bad is happening except for the parts when you have to carry your stuffs on higher ground. :bigsmile:

Good for you and glad you and yours are OK

Good you got power back.
I always thought that a backup Solar charger for 18650 is a good thing to have… just in case power don’t come back soon enough. For unlimited light even in case of apocalypse. Just have to find a reliable one. anyone?

Got one off ebay, solar panel with usb out, 5v 500mah on strong sunlight. Its really cool and likely close to specs. Never really tested it