Would a "Thanks" button help or hurt BLF?

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:


It would help BLF encourage good behavior and participation

A serious answer

It would seriously hurt BLF and all members would leave immediately

Way over the top answer
I don’t care, but I wish my vote here to go to the majority that do care

Funny answer
I could care less about the health of BLF or it’s integrity

Funny nor serious answer

I miss a serious answer for no
So I cannot vote :wink:

Ok, I added a no vote.

I realized i won’t get any points or votes of any sort until there is a “failed attempt at humor” button, that’s the button my heart is close to.

I can't make buttons for everyone, please choose the one second closest to your heart.

Unless I’m missing something this isn’t an official poll sanctioned by the admin. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, just pointing out that the results don’t really mean anything and certainly don’t imply that some action will be taken by sb, just so nobody is confused.



How does the last option have –1 vote?

Have no idea...

@: ‘–1 vote’

Lol! :smiley:

Seriously, I dont think it will hurt BLF.
On a big tech site I’m active on (the miller knows which one) there is a like button on each post. And I’m liking it! ( O:) )
It’s really a good way to let someone know that a particular post is helpful, an addition to a other post or just fun.
We all know those +1 posts right? Well this is kind off the same thing so you can +1 a post without posting.

Please, no more changes to BLF.
As a Technical Forum it has been just about perfect.

Priceless info from the likes of djozz and many others…
A dash of humor from the usual suspects.
And the occasional drama from the more passionate members.
Is this a bad thing?

It's a great idea! It really gives those users who contribute well a sense of appreciation. Unfortunately a lot of people don't see anything in it for themselves and do not like the idea. It's about others!! Making them feel appreciated. It would be best if each person had a thanks meter so everyone could see!!

I would say no
not because it would hurt BLF
1 more work for SB
2 one can post thanks and add something to it or not a thanks is fast to read and nice to receive so no point in hiding
3 BLF is awesome as it is
4 spam rude thanks where will it end?

I like the spam button, that’s it

I like the Spam button too, but we need MOAR buttons! I love buttons!

I can’t vote too.
No option to choose.

I think it would be a nice feature to say “thank you” or “+1” to a post rather than quoting the post and then ‘saying’ either one. That takes up a lot of space. But at least the button would give the option to do that if one wished.

Personally I think it should be on a post by post basis with no running tally. Otherwise it might just turn into a “popularity contest”…… that really has no benefit at all.


I don’t like the idea. It will encourage people to just spam and the website will become a popularity contest.then people with big egos will ruin it for everyone. I like to think I always help people. Even if I don’t you get a free conedy act :stuck_out_tongue:

I like zippers. They ’re much faster in an emergency :stuck_out_tongue:

I strongly disagree. I do not see how it will encourage people here to spam. I believe we have a very good group of adults here. And as far as it becoming a popularity contest, instead it would show that some members are excellent contributors to BLF as a whole. I have seen it in action on other websites and those who rank high are respected for their contributions. It makes them feel great and want to contribute even more. And the members with low ranking will find ways to improve themselves in order to rank higher.

But if we are dealing with a bunch of disrespectful children then yes, I believe what you say could happen which is not the case here in the majority. IMHO.