Would anyone mod an Aeon Mk I?

I have a two-level titanium Muyshondt Aeon Mk I that still looks great and functions perfectly after over a decade of EDC. It’s reliable and tougher than nails

Unfortunately, the tint is and always has been a terrible, greenish, ugh.

I’d like to upgrade it to a high CRI SST-20 or Nichia, but doing so is beyond my skill set.

Does anyone know of a reliable modder who might do the work for a reasonable sum?

(I apologize if I’ve posted this in the wrong section.)


the commercial modder I always mention is vinh at skylumen.com

I do not know if your light is glued shut and or potted, both of which make modding problematic.

suggest you try contacting the manufacturer to ask whether there is glue or potting, and whether he is willing to swap the LED for you.

Thank you. I should probably contact the manufacturer for build info. I hadn’t considered using him for service, because almost all of his stuff now seems to be >$500.

If you’re UK based I could sort that for you

Sadly no - US. But thank you!