Would you like to see a feedback section for private BLF transactions?

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Hi everyone,

BLF user oRAirwolf suggested that we consider the option of having somewhere on the site to leave feedback for private sellers and buyers that do transaction via PM here on BLF. So, I’m putting the decision in your hands. Alternatively, we can start eBayLF.com, which will undoubtedly put eBay out of business. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Have fun.

Yes, I would love to see a section for that.

I’m assuming the last one is a joke and will be added to yes new forum category :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve had many pleasant transactions and would love to see some sort of feedback system in place

Gotta make sure those scammers don't create smurfs for +ve feedback...

Hmm, yes, good point. But I don’t think private transactions here on BLF are very interesting to the scammers and spammers & Co. And I don’t think most people would do a transaction with a new, unknown member.

i need more respect and better reputation on BFL

No if its gonna be ruled by nazi mods and dominated by a mad heffer sounding like regret in that other place.

Yes please

Who’s gonna take care of buyer protection? hehe

Kreisler is

A great idea!

Is there a way to integrate iTrader feedback into the forum software? It’d be neater than adding a new subforum.

I would welcome a sub-forum (or rating system) to reward the many positive experiences I've had trading with other members here.

As the forum grows, this may become an even more important issue - especially for the newer members.

Yes, I would love to see a section for that.

Yes but as a sub-forum of the existing member sell section.

I think it’s a good idea.

That way it keeps us all clean and better protected.

Yes. Every other forum has one and I find it quite useful to judge whether to purchase from a seller or not. I recently just bought something from someone and would love to give good feedback for them.

My answer to the subject:

great idea